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    About the winemakersMasseria SetteporteSicily
    Masseria Setteporte

    The renaissance of the Etna region is in full swing and on the southwest slope of the highest volcano in Europe there is a vineyard that deserves the highest attention. From the vineyard hills of the 27-hectare Masseria Setteporte estate, on the edge of Etna DOC north of Randazzo and Linguaglossa not far from the town of Biancavilla, visitors look out over the vast plains of Catania, the centre of Sicily. The certified organic winery has been owned by the Portale winegrowing family for many generations.

    Masseria Setteporte was first modernized by Ferdinando Portals. In the 1970s, the winegrower, who is extremely close to his homeland, replanted the vineyard hills. Ferdinando also introduced some innovations. For example, he replaced the classical Buscher training with a vertical grid system that was better suited to modern cultivation methods. In the year 2002, his son Piero took over the secret business. He bought more agricultural land. The cheerful-looking landowner knows he's doing a good job. He has a great empathy, is always friendly and knows a lot about food and wine to tell.

    The 16 hectares of south-facing terraced vineyards of Masseria Setteporte are 650 to 800 metres above sea level. Most of the vineyards are planted with the red variety Nerello Mescalese, but also with Nerello Cappuccio. Around a quarter of the area under cultivation is reserved for white grapes such as Carricante and Catarratto. The soils, consisting of lava and lava sand, allow the abundant rainfall in the Etna region to flow off well. The vineyard's area is to be expanded to around 22 hectares at a later date.

    The typical Mediterranean climate creates a unique habitat for the wines of this small family business. The drops of the Masseria Setteporte are characterized by a high elegance, possess a fascinating aroma and prepare great drinking pleasure. Giovanni Marletta is the technical manager and agronomist responsible for the estate. He does pretty much everything - from vine care to bottling. SUPERIORE.DE


    • Owner: Piero Portale
    • Oenologist: Giovanni Marletta
    • Vineyard: approx. 16.5 hectares
    • Biologically certified cultivation