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    About the winemakers

    Cesare and Antonio Gallegati are graduate agricultural engineers who share a great passion for viticulture and winemaking. In the late 1990s, the brothers, who had a high level of technical know-how and empathy, took over their father's farm in Faenza in the province of Ravenna in the heart of Romagna and transformed it into a small winery. More precisely, the winery, which is firmly established in the region, is located halfway between the Senio and Lamone Valleys. The agricultural area of around 20 hectares is divided into two areas of roughly equal size. About half of the total area is located in the hills of Brisighella, which mostly rise steeply, and is used exclusively for the cultivation of wine and olives.

    The wines of Gallegati are typical of Romagna. They draw strength and consistency from the terroir. The plants are elegant and complex. The Sangiovese style, which is always very authentic and cultivated on particularly pure clay soils, is precise and polished. Today, all competing winegrowers around Faenza have to be measured by this style. Among the typical and most important autochthonous grape varieties cultivated in the winery is the white Albana - the only one responsible for the Regina di Cuori, which is convincing every year.

    Because of his university degree in oenology, Cesare is the expert in vinification in the company. He prepares the grapes in the nearby winery in Tebano, which are cultivated in impeccably cultivated vineyards and with great sensitivity. A limited quantity of white wine is also produced there using the latest techniques. What distinguishes the brothers equally: Just like Cesare, Antonio thinks strategically. Both wine experts are also known for their clear, credible and courageous decisions. To protect the environment, they also follow production rules for near-natural cultivation.

    The Gallegati Holiday Farm belongs to the property in the hilly landscape around Faenza. The park, which covers about one hectare, is surrounded by coniferous, deciduous and bamboo trees, olive groves and orchards. The farm also processes and sells grapes from the Monte di Sotto vineyard in Brisighella, ten kilometres away. SUPERIORE.DE

    "The wines of Cesare and Antonio Gallegati maintain a magical balance between the power of this terroir and the elegance confirmed in the fresh mouth, where they find a great depth in the long run."Gambero Rosso 2015

    Foundation: end of the 1990s
    Owners: Cesare and Antonio Gallegati
    Oenologist: Cesare Gallegati
    Annual production: 15,000 bottles
    Vineyard: 6 hectares
    Natural cultivation