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    About the winemakersTorreventoPuglia

    The Torrevento (Tower of the Winds) in Corato, managed by Francesco Liantonio, has been owned by the family since 1948. It is one of the most important companies of the DOC Castel del Monte and - located in the middle of the Parco Rurale della Murgia - is considered an exemplary company in Apulia in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. The soils of the 400 to 600 metres high 400 hectares of vineyards, only 13 kilometres from the sea and half of which are owned by the company, consist of limestone typical of the karst formation of the northernmost part of the Murgia plateau. A constant wind ensures even ventilation of the vines. The area has a Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and relatively cold and long winters, in which even snow is not uncommon.

    The main components of Torrevento's vineyard portfolio are almost exclusively autochthonous varieties made from excellent grape material. The lion's share is taken by Nero di Troia, a nearby Bari and grapes with a strong tannin structure grown around the impressive Castel del Monte and the Alta Murgia Nature Park. For a long time, little attention has been paid to this variety, which has enjoyed DOC Castel del Monte DOCG status since 2011. At first it was only used for blends until the brothers Francesco and Domenico Liantonio recognised the potential of this red grape. In spite of the enormous areas under cultivation - the vines grow at an average density of 4,500 vines per hectare in Alberello education - and the large production volume, Torrevento follows the guidelines of organically recognized cultivation. In addition, the winery is ISO 14001 certified.

    The two brothers Liantonio offer a very high quality assortment of modern and characterful wines, which is characterized by finesse, fruit and freshness and promises high drinking enjoyment. The young oenologist Massimo di Bari is visibly proud that the Castel del Monto Rosso Vigna Pedale Riserva - a pure and bottled Nero di Troia for the first time in 1994 - has been used for many years for the production of the "Three glasses" of the wine guideGambero Rosso. Also extremely impressive is the Rosé Veritas from the local Bombino-Nero grape, which is the only Rosé wine in Italy to have DOCG status. SUPERIORE.DE

    "In the denomination Castel del Monte in the Parco Rurale of the Murgia, the winery of Francesco Liantonio has 450 hectares of vineyards, which are cultivated according to organic methods and to the highest environmental standards. The vineyards are located on rocky karst soils and are almost exclusively planted with autochthonous varieties, above all the Nero di Troia. In terms of cellar management, the work in the vineyard is respected and therefore there is no long stay on the mash and too intensive barrel ageing. The result are very fruity wines, which are characterized by freshness and finesse."Gambero Rosso

    "The ancestry of these drops exceeds the regional cut. Dense wines, neither oxidized nor vinous. That's it!" Luca Maroni Wine Guide

    Year of foundation: 1948
    Owner: Francesco Liantonio
    Oenologist: Massimo di Bari
    Annual production: approx. 2,500,000 bottles
    Vineyard area: 450 hectares


    certified organic cultivation