• 2 Water Glasses Vinum

      2 Water Glasses Vinum

      Elegant and yet suitable for everyday use water glass with particularly wide opening and large capacity for the fresh sip. SUPERIORE.DE

      Type: 416/2

      Capacity: 0.35 l

      Height: 148 mm

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      62000023 · 2 piece · 10,75 €/piece · Price (DE) incl. VAT, excl. Shipping< 24 units available

      21,50 €
    • 2 White Wine Glasses Vinum (Chardonnay)

      2 White Wine Glasses Vinum (Chardonnay)

      The medium-bodied glass will awaken any white wine. It also offers enough space for large, full-bodied white wines to develop. The primary aromas come into their own. SUPERIORE.DE

      Article: 6416/5

      Capacity: 0,35 l

      Height: 198 mm

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      62000024 · 2 piece · 16,50 €/piece · Price (DE) incl. VAT, excl. Shipping3 units available

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    • Decanter Vinum "Single"

      Decanter Vinum “Single“

      Decanter made of lead crystal, mouth-blown.

      Decanter carafes are used on the one hand for slow decanting of the wine (carafing) and on the other hand also for decanting of the wine. In general, young to medium aged wines are carafed. The wine mixes with oxygen, allowing its aroma to unfold much better/faster. When decanting, the natural, cloudy particles, the so-called depot, which is mainly formed when good red wines mature at the bottom of the bottle, are separated from the wine. SUPERIORE.DE

      Capacity: 1,55 l

      Height: 225 mm

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      62000007 · 1 piece · 114,90 €/piece · Price (DE) incl. VAT, excl. Shipping1 unit available

      114,90 €
    Riedel Glass

    If you visit a wine event or wine fair today, such as the VinExpo in Bordeaux, the VinItaly in Verona or also events in America or China, you can be pretty sure that the glasses are from Austria. From the glass manufactory Riedel.

    Riedel. The name of the pioneers.

    The Riedel family has been dealing with glass for over 260 years. The pioneer of wine glasses was Claus J. Riedel, the ninth generation. He was the first to realise that shape was a decisive factor in the enjoyment of wine. The interplay of shape, size and mouth rim diameter makes the decisive difference. This is how the aromas come to the fore in the fragrance, as well as - where on the palate the wine hits.

    In 1973, he presented what he himself called his gourmet wine glass collection, the now legendary mouth-blown "sommeliers". There was no renowned winemaker in the world whom he did not visit personally with his sample case and prove to him how much better his wine tasted from the corresponding glass. "The content determines the form" was his credo, and is still the motto of the family dynasty today.

    Georg Riedel and his son Maximilian continued to develop, at the end of the 80s the "vinum"-series, which is machine blown and suitable for glass washers. This brought the worldwide breakthrough in gastronomy. This was followed by design variants and various decanters. Today Riedel is present in 125 countries of the world from Austria, even though the family lost everything after the war. You can only be so successful with excellent products.

    In our offer you will find a selection of the best Riedel wine glasses, such as Chardonnay, Brunello di Montalcino, the Cuvée Prestige sparkling wine glass and the popular "universal glass" Riesling/Chianti, as well as carafes and decanters. SUPERIORE.DE