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    Arrivederci Chianti Classico? “Nonsense. We’re selling the wine better than ever.”

    WEINKENNDER.DE | 05/2020

    "Germany used to be the biggest export market for Chianti Classico. Over the years, its share has steadily declined. Suddenly the Germans don’t like the famous Tuscan red wine anymore? Lutz Heimrich, owner of the Italy specialist, has a completely different experience."


    Parla Inglese? Yes!

    WEINWIRTSCHAFT | 05/2019

    “On the homepage, customers can easily choose between German and English and call up all offers, information and texts in both languages. In the background runs a translation program, which professionally translates every new wine and text and learns daily as an adaptive system and refines the sometimes not quite simple wine language, as Superiore-owner Lutz Heimrich assures.”


    Superiore increases sales and earnings

    WEINWIRTSCHAFT | 05/2019

    “In recent years, Superiore has massively refined its premium and ultra-premium range, built up valuable content and extended the vintage depths of important wines and wineries. "Our processes in warehouse and logistics, but also in customer support, were further optimised and the offer policy for the mostly private customer and wine lover was articulated even more clearly.”


    Musical premiere in the wine trade

    Dresden Latest News | 04.09.2018

    “‘It’s a premiere for us.’ says Superiore-Managing Director Lutz Heimrich. By this he means not only the concert of the Danish-Latvian woodwind quintet ‘carion’ which was presented as part of a charity concert for the Initiative ‘Coswig — A place of diversity’ on Friday evening her new program ‘Dreams of Freedom’ for the first time. For the first time, Superiore gives the public an insight into the interior of the building.”


    Wine merchant of the year 2018

    WINE INDUSTRY | 09.11.2017

    “For the first time, an Internet retailer also received an award. For editor-in-chief Dr. Hermann Pilz, it was of central importance in this category that the award winner represented a sustainable, economically successful business model. Lutz Heimrich succeeded in doing this with Heimrich is an Internet pioneer in the wine sector and one of the greatest Italian experts., dedicated exclusively to Italian wines, has become the first address when looking for Italian wines or information about them.”


    online shopping behaviour

    WINE INDUSTRY | 22 | 2015

    “The GfK study ‘eCommerce: Growth without borders?’ shows who buys how much and why on the internet. The main argument is therefore thriftiness. Basic trends can be identified by gender and age groups.”



    Handelsblatt, 27.09.2013

    “, for example, has concentrated on high-quality Italian wines and has been on the market since 2002. With eight employees, the company achieved a turnover of approx. 3.6 million euros last year and now has the largest Italian assortment available daily on the Internet.’ (...)

    “Heimrich buys his wines, with a few exceptions, directly from the winegrowers on the basis of exclusive contracts. ‘In former times we had to convince the winegrowers, now the winegrowers ask us if we can sell their wines.’ explains Heimrich. The reason for this is that Italy overslept the structural change to selling wine via the Internet.”



    WINE MARKET| February 2013

    Heimrich claims uncontradicted: "Our assortment is unique in Germany in depth and breadth and guarantees best quality at fair direct import conditions.”


    Saxon company rediscovers trade in fine wines

    Free Press, 04.01.2013

    “A three-litre magnum bottle Sassicaia from Tuscany for 830 euros? Wine merchant Lutz Heimrich from Sörnewitz near Meissen opens the noble wooden box apparently unimpressed. Top wines worth millions are stored several times secured behind the inconspicuous brick walls of a former factory in the middle of the Saxon wine-growing region.”

    more - Gambero Rosso, Duemilavini, Veronelli

    Wine tips from Michael Liebert, December 2012

    “On their evaluations are entered into the master data of the wines. Now you can search not only for regions or wineries, but also for the top wines of all relevant wine critics.”



    Wine tips from Michael Liebert, December 2012

    “The wine selection is really remarkable. The focus is definitely on Tuscany with 650 wines from this region alone, including unconventional thinkers with highly praised and highly prized wines such as Bibi Graetz or smaller family businesses such as Sestadisopra from Tuscany. Tasting packages containing different vintages of a wine are very nice.”


    Wine trade in upheaval

    MERUM, December 2012

    “Our advice includes the wine texts, the comprehensive and true critic ratings and quotations, the intelligent search and numerous filter options on our site, the topic-related newsletters and of course the advice on the phone. We therefore offer everything that a stationary retailer also offers, only the customers cannot try.”



    il corriere vinicolo, novembre 2012

    Doing business on the Internet with only Italian wines
    Lutz Heimrich, a German from Coswig, a few miles from Dresden, loves Italy and a decade ago decided to market exclusively Italian wines on the Internet under a brand that quickly became popular:”


    Summer party with VIPs | Lutz Heimrich celebrated his new headquarters of SUPERIORE.DE

    Disy Dresden, Autumn 2012

    “SUPERIORE.DE GMBH invited to an informal summer party with prominent politicians, business partners, economic multipliers and friends on the occasion of the successful redevelopment of the industrial monument Elektrowärme Sörnewitz, the company’s new headquarters, on Friday, 13th (...) Among its guests at the opening were Federal Minister of Defense Dr. Thomas de Maizière, Rolf Schlagloth, Chairman of Sparkasse Meißen, Arndt Steinbach, District Administrator Meißen and several winegrowers from Italy.”


    The best 600 wine shops in Germany


    “The well-known, elegant online shop offers not only excellent delicacies from Bella Italia, but also an excellent range of wines. All wine regions of Italy are covered, with a focus on Piedmont and Tuscany. The selection (over 1500 positions) leaves nothing to be desired. It ranges from solid local wines to exclusive Bolgheri wines. Many rarities and wines in large bottles and 130 grappas. Also the presentation of the offer is exemplary: clear, descriptive (each bottle is shown with picture and described with profile) and informative. Thanks to ’detailed search’ in the navigation bar, the assortment can be accessed precisely and within seconds. Best of all: all products are available for immediate delivery. Twelve weeks return guarantee.”

    SUPERIORE.DE expands in Coswig

    ihk.wirtschaft dresden, August 2011

    “The Internet wine dispatch celebrated topping out ceremony. At the end of August, the company plans to move 160,000 bottles of top Italian wines from Dresden to Coswig.”



    Jahreszeiten Verlag GmbH, May 2011

    SUPERIORE.DE cuts in comprehensive shop test ‘Shopping at the click of a mouse – Wine on the Internet’ of the renowned magazine DER FEINSCHMECKER with the overall rating of ‘well’ and without any complaints.

    160 000 bottles in one week

    Dresden Latest News, June 2011

    “It will be a tough week for Lutz Heimrich and his staff at SUPERIORE.DE. They have to load 160,000 bottles of wine onto trucks in Dresden’s ice worm warehouse and then unload them again at the EWS site in Coswig.”


    SUPERIORE.DE presses the button

    Dresden Latest News, December 2010

    “The "Sleeping Beauty Days" of the former main building of Elektrowärme Sörnewitz (EWS) are numbered. In August next year Lutz Heimrich wants to move in here with his internet wine trade SUPERIORE.DE. The 105-year-old factory building is to become something like the flagship of the company currently based in Dresden.”


    Roof terraces to the west

    Dresden Accents, June 2010

    “Eight years ago Lutz Heimrich founded his online wine trade SUPERIORE.DE. The company expanded and the location in the Felsenkeller on the outskirts of the state capital became too small.”


    Examples and experiences in online trading

    ihk.wirtschaft dresden, May 2010

    “In the Internet business, speed and service are the most important factors, along with a good product range and smooth logistics.”


    iBusiness Ranking

    Hightext Publisher, August 2009

    “SUPERIORE.DE ranks 93rd among the German online shops with the highest turnover.”

    Remarkable undertakings from the Elbland region

    brand one uncharted territory ‘Dresden region’October 2009

    “SUPERIORE.DE is one of the largest German online shops for Italian wines with its headquarters in Dresden - awarded for its wide assortment and user-friendly website.”

    Shop Usability Award

    October 2008

    “The Shop Usability Award 2008 honours the most user-friendly online shops in Germany. SUPERIORE.DE was selected from 250 nominated online shops among the TOP 30. Initiator of this award is Shoplupe GmbH in Miesbach in cooperation with the trade magazine ‘Internet World Business’ and an expert jury (Trusted Shops, Google and others).”

    The 555 best addresses on the Internet 2006


    “The gourmet WEIN GOURMET rated 555 wine websites, including 250 online wine merchants. Three Internet shops receive the mark in all categories ‘very good’including SUPERIORE.DE.”

    SUPERIORE is a registered European Community Trademark

    Community Trade Marks Bulletin No 044/2005

    “SUPERIORE is a European Community Trademark registered with effect from 26.10.2005 at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, Alicante (ES). The brand is owned by SUPERIORE.DE GMBH.”

    SUPERIORE.DE is one of the best 450 wine shops in Germany.

    The Feinschmecker WEIN GOURMET, January 2005

    About our wines

    Now or never: two affordable Barolo and Barbaresco for the upcoming Corona winter

    Barolo “Essence” Riserva DOCG 2010 | Vite Colte
    WEINKENNER.DE | 28.10.2020

    “The Barolo of the great 2010 vintage has long since disappeared from the market. It is all the more surprising that Vite Colte is now adding a Riserva: a wine that has matured for three years in large wooden barrels and then refined for over six years in the cellar on the bottle, only to be released now, after almost ten years, to reach its first peak.”


    Cross-border commuters in red

    essen & trinken | 08/2020

    “In terms of both colour and taste, Elisabetta Foradori's ‘Lezèr’ dances on the fine line between red and rosé wine. With rustic spiciness on the one hand and juicy plum fruit on the other hand, the Teroldego grape variety shows its versatility – preferably slightly chilled!”

    more (PDF)

    How to grill fish – without letting it dry

    Welt am Sonntag (Manfred Klimek) | 04.06.2020

    “A wine from a coastal region where fish are often buried under salt and put in the oven, the Ribolla Gialla ‘del Pompiere’ 2019 by Mario Schiopetto from Friuli. The autochthonous variety – even if it sounds trite – is always reminiscent of holidays by the sea and this year it can replace it a bit. In the nose lime, some pink grapefruit, then a little honeydew melon, mango and some reed grass. In the mouth it is sure to be on the fruity, elegant side with a hint of young, fresh tangerine.”


    Bring the sunny Sicily home (Dieter Simon) | 26.03.2020

    “The Donnafugata winery in Marsala, run by Antonio Rallo and his sister, José Rallo, is one of the ‘lighthouses’ of Sicily. In total, they cultivate over 400 hectares of vines in four regions, including the Etna River, including 68 hectares on the small island of Pantelleria in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Tunisia, where they have carried out Pinonian cultivation work in the once impoverished island.”


    Chianti Classico Trophy 2018: The winners

    Falstaff | 10.12.2018

    “But the simple Chianti Classico has dressed up secretly. A Chianti Classico consists of at least 80 percent Sangiovese, the rest can be the local varieties Colorino or Canaiolo or Cabernet, Merlot or Syrah. Pure Sangiovese is becoming more and more common. A Chianti Classico is sold in the second year after the harvest.”


    Lageder: One winery - Three brothers and sisters

    Falstaff | 18.09.2018

    “The Lageder winery, located on the South Triol Wine Route, has been producing exquisite wines since 1823. Alois Lageder took over the management of the winery in the 70s. Thanks to its strict quality standards, the winery today stands for first-class wines that reflect the diversity of South Tyrol. After his son Alois Clemens joined the company in 2015 (Falstaff reported) and his sister Anna organised big events such as 'Summa' and 'VIN-o-TON', the winery is now in its sixth generation of family ownership".


    Shadow growths: Italy's unknown top red wines

    WEINKENNER.DE | 09.03.2018

    The "Taber", on the other hand, is from a single source: lots of dark fruit in the nose and on the tongue, from a fine acidity that keeps it fresh and young at all ripeness, and a strong, raucous tannin that gave the cellar master Stephan Filippi the necessary polish while maturing in small wooden barrels. My impression: one of the best Taber's ever put on a bottle.”


    The Barolo that comes out of the water: Vite Colte

    WEINKENNER.DE | 26.10.2017

    “The Barolo we're talking about comes from the Vite Colte winery. It is located a few kilometres before the village of Barolo. A modern cellar with a round roof and barolo-coloured walls, which was only opened in the year 2000 and lies deeply immersed in the hills around the famous village.”


    Good news for the Tuscany Group

    Frankfurter Allgemeine | Stuart Pigott | 08.04.2017

    “If Chianti Classic red wines are good, their taste is influenced by the Sangiovese grape, which is rich in tannins and quite acidic. The 2011 "Il Poggio" from Castello di Monsanto, in the same price range as the Il Blu, is a great Chianti Classico with a fine liquorice note and a highly elegant, distinctly bitter character.”



    “Il Grigio" Gran Selezione DOCG 2010 | Agr. San FeliceWorld
    on Sunday | Manfred Klimek, 16.11.2014

    “With this dish it must be a really strong red wine, which also has some acidity to counter fat and heartyness. I can't make up my mind. So two tips. Firstly, the Chianti Classico Il Grigio Gran Selezione from San Felice, a wine that has consistently achieved the highest scores worldwide ? and the testers were right. In the nose cassis, rubber, blueberry, cherry, almond, wet mint and moist, red earth. In the mouth excellent pronounced, never disturbing tannins, some espresso, again cassis and cherry. Great!”



    1868 Prosecco Spumante di Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore Cuvée DOCG Brut | Carpenè Malvolti
    Chianti "Vigneto della Rana" DOCG 2012 | Castello di San Sano
    World on Sunday | Manfred Klimek, 27.04.2014

    “There's a lot of garbage on the market, but there are also great wake-up and noisemakers like the juicy Brut Superiore DOCG by Carpenè Malvolti. This spumante smells like brioche, tastes like green apple and can be stirred 'when the whole woodruff is long gone' with some peach puree and crushed ice to a perfect Bellini.”



    Chianti Classico DOCG 2010 | Tenuta di Lilliano
    Chianti "Vigneto della Rana" DOCG 2012 | Castello di San Sano
    Welt am Sonntag | Manfred Klimek's wine column, 03.11.2013

    “In the mouth the Lilliano shows a remarkable but never ordinary acidity that will keep it alive for the next five years. Lots of fruit, a little wet soil and a nice length complete the pleasant impression. (Chianti Classico DOCG 2010 | Tenuta di Lilliano)

    The Chianti "Vigneto della Rana" 2012 from Castello di San Sano is fresher, more fruity and even more uncomplicated. Unlike the Lilliano, it lay only briefly in the large wooden barrel and was quickly put on the bottle. (Chianti "Vigneto della Rana" DOCG 2012 | Castello di Sano).”



    “La Guardiola" Bianco Sicilia IGT 2011 | Passopisciaro
    Lambrusco di Sorbara "Vigna del Cristo" DOC 2012 secco | Cavicchioli U. & Figli
    WEINKENNER.DE, August 2013

    “What a wine! Rich and sumptuous, yet highly mineral, smoky, with fine citrus aromas and veined crystalline acidity. A Chardonnay of a completely different kind, not wood accentuated, not roasted and chocolaty, but pure.”



    Chianti Classico DOCG 2010 | Castello di Monsanto
    Chianti Classico DOCG 2010 | Isole e Olena
    Welt am Sonntag | Manfred Klimek's wine column, 30.06.2013

    “Chianti Classico is available as Riserva, but also as "normal", simple wine. And this Sangiovese is the perfect drinking companion for the summer, it tolerates well to be cooled on 15 to 17 degrees, its fresh acidity gets a tolerable corset and the fruit shows itself more focused.”



    Chianti Classico Brolio DOCG 2010 | Barone Ricasoli
    Picture, 25.04.2013

    “I realize from the first sip that this is how a Chianti should be. The wine is round, restrained, does not have the opulence of a super-Tuscan, but is nevertheless intense and dense. Still after 24 hours in the resealed bottle this wine sparkles and shows its aromas of cherry, some plum, blackthorn and coffee.”



    Chianti Classico DOCG 2010 (BIO) | Querciabella
    Welt am Sonntag | Manfred Klimek's wine column, 24.02.2013

    “A wonderful masculine Chianti that wants what unfortunately few Tuscan wines today want: to be drunk with a good meal without being a nuisance.”


    Never as good as today: the wines of Angelo Gaja

    Barbaresco DOCG 2009 | Angelo Gaja
    WEINKENNER.DE, December 2012

    “Only three wines had Angelo Gaja prepared for tasting when we arrived. But all three were geniuses. The first wine was the new 2009 Barbaresco, which has just been released. It smells of fresh marzipan cherry and fascinates with its delicate and refined play of aromas. Nothing about it is reminiscent of withered roses, damp autumn leaves or incense - aromas with which Barolo and Barbaresco are often described. Instead, a very precise wine with delicate fruit, fine acidity, sweet ripening notes: opulent, but with disciplined fullness.”


    New Respect for an Italian Red

    Feudi di San Gregorio. Mastroberardino. Montevetrano.
    The New York Times, November 2012

    ?This is the cultural center for the European beginnings of viticulture, said Piero Mastroberardino, who runs an eponymous winery in the city of Atripalda that has long been a standard-bearer for the wines, and grape varieties, of Campania. There are not many places that have had the opportunity to grow their original varieties in the original vineyards for such a long time.?


    Ornellaia - a top investment

    Bolgheri Superior "Ornellaia" DOC 2009 | Tenuta dell' Ornellaia
    WEINWISSER, September 2012

    “Deep glowing ruby. Distinctive dark fruit aromas (blackberries, cherries) with very fine intensity, freshness and delicate smoky notes, possess a distinctly cool elegance and aristocratic charisma even in the nose. On the palate silky, perfectly balanced and full-bodied, develops an enormous intensity with a discreet coconut note in the finish and never appears pompous or fatty, but still cool and distinguished.”


    Magic plants

    Barbera d'Alba Falletto DOC | Bruno Giacosa
    manager magazin online, July 2012

    “When a hundred wine journalists and important traders and restaurant owners from all over the world travel to Alba and taste wines for a week, the wines have to justify the effort. The meeting takes place every year in May, in Alba, in the heart of the Langhe in Piedmont. This year the presentation of the wines, which are released for the market from this year on, lasted five days: Barolo of the 2008 vintage, Riserva 2006, Barbaresco 2009, Roero 2009.”


    Cheap Barolo against Normal Nebbiolo: fight the inner bargain hunter

    Valtellina Superiore "Sassella Le Tense" DOCG | Nino Negri, June 2012

    “The inner bargain hunter has once again suffered a defeat, and this even against a wine that was cheaper.”

    Sangiovese Classico: Felsinas "Fontalloro" Vertical

    Fontalloro IGT | Félsina
    Drunkenmonday Wine Blog, December 2011

    “Fontalloro from 1990, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2007 was opened on this evening, so we had a great opportunity to observe the storage and development potential of this wine.”


    Like a little Burgundy: 2009 Lamùri from Tasca d'Almerita

    Nero d'Avola Lamùri, Tasca d'Almerita., August 2011

    “What is certain is that Lamùri is a remarkably good wine. It tastes like fresh plums and wallpapers the palate with good taste. Unlike many other Sicilians of the Nero d'Avola variety, it does not taste jam-sweet. Its fruit is fresh and accentuated.”


    Lambrusco Summer

    Würtz wine, July 2011

    “Suspects: THE underdog of Italian red grape varieties in general! THE arch-enemy of every supposed wine professional or wine drinker. The usual suspect! For me, the little red prince of Emilia Romagna and the godfather of refreshing drinking from Italy.”


    Primitivo-Revival: We don`t need another hero?

    Salento Primitivo IGT | Cantine Due Palme, June 2011

    “Success doesn't come by chance. The quality of the Primitivo has improved dramatically in recent years. A good primitivo is, with all the abundance he brings with him, never overloaded. Its fruit is clean and supported by a mild acidity.”


    Lambrusco Summer 2011 & Grasparossa Di Castelvetro "Tre Medaglie”

    Amabile DOC s.a. Umberto Cavicchioli
    La Gazzetta del Vino, May 2011

    “Back to the seriousness of the glass. This Lambrusco presents itself in the same gift in a raspberry red robe with the foamy wreath of sweetness. Fresh bouquet of strawberries, wild berries and a light floral note of lilac. Concentrated and linear. "A sparkling cherry sorbet on the palate.”


    Lambrusco Summer 2011

    Würtz wine, May 2011

    “We start our tasting today with the Reggiano Lambrusco Foglie Rosse, secco, from Albinea Canali. A rather dark red drink that smells enormously like cherries and some spice that I can't classify. Very animating, anyway.”


    Lambrusco Summer 2011

    Würtz wine, May 2011

    “My last contact at ProWein in Düsseldorf was at the "Merum" stand and I was deeply impressed. None of my prejudices could exist, on the contrary, I was enthusiastic about these wines! It's huge. None of this had anything to do with the stuff that exists here in the local pizzeria when you have exceeded a certain order value.”