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    About the winemakers
    Tenuta Fanti
    Tuscany | Montalcino
    Tenuta Fanti

    The Fanti family came to Montalcino in the early 19th century, almost two centuries before the birth of Brunello. It has always been an attractive point of reference for wine lovers from all over the world. The vineyards of Tenuta Fanti are located in the immediate vicinity of the parcels of Sassetti and Poggio di Sotto. The approximately 300 hectare property has been restructured and expanded over the past 15 years. Since then the estate has experienced a tremendous upswing.

    Filippo Fanti, the very popular, enthusiastic and hospitable owner, also known as Sarrino by close friends, is a guarantor of wines full of enjoyment that are a unique experience for friends of fine wines. Since 2007 the former president of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino has been supported by his daughter Elisa very competently, especially in the vineyard, but also in other matters.

    The cellar was completed in 2004 and is completely underground, opposite the Abbazzia di Sant convent church.'Antimo is built into a hill so that only the entrance can be seen from the outside. The generously designed operating rooms are equipped with the latest winemaking technology. There you will find traditional large barrels, barrels and barriques, all of which are used in Brunello production. For some years now, the terroir has been better expressed, because the wood notes have been pushed back during the maturation of the wines.

    After the completion of the winery, Philippo Fanti concentrated on the new vineyards, which were planted after careful selection of the best clones. All the south facing parcels of Tenuta Fanti have now grown to 50 hectares and are located in the area of Castelnuovo dell'Abate, where the soils show quite high Galestro contents. The majority of the vines thrive on latticed soils, in the lower altitudes one usually finds loose clay. The Sangiovese grape occupies 80 percent of the area under cultivation, the remaining ten hectares are planted with alternative Tuscan grapes and international grape varieties. SUPERIORE.DE


    • Year of foundation: beginning of the 19th century
    • Owner: Filipo Fanti
    • Oenologist: Chip Martin
    • Annual production: approx. 200,000 bottles
    • Vineyard: approx. 50 hectares
    • Conventional cultivation