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    About the winemakers
    Oasi degli Angeli
    Oasi degli Angeli

    Marco Casolanetti has matured into a unique personality with his own radical production philosophy during his twenty years as a winegrower. Together with his partner of many years, Eleonora Rossi, a graduate engineer and former wine critic, the winegrower persistently studied and carefully researched in order to develop a completely new type of viticulture and cellar management. As a result, his company, Oasi degli Angeli, based in Cupra Marittima, has made an unusual ascent in just a short time. The excellent pure wines Kurni and Kupra - the only ones in the range - are not only the result of heart and mind and a unique human talent, but also of an uncompromising passion and personal interpretation of selected autochthonous grape varieties. The two fine wines of the small winery also create a refined balance between the Mediterranean climate of the Adriatic and the calcareous soils.

    The winegrowers, rooted in tradition and working according to an overall concept, have created a true oasis in the southern marche amidst lush vegetation, including holiday hostels. In a country inn attached to the Azienda Agricola and open only on weekends, typical regional dishes are served, which Eleonora - like Marco a child of winegrowers - complements with personal recipe ideas. The main focus in the "Oasis of angels" is, however, clearly in viticulture. The plots, which are unusually densely planted and reminiscent of ornamental gardens, are meticulously cared for according to the latest biodynamic findings. The yields are kept extremely low with a maximum of 170 grams per vine.

    In the cellar Marco Casolanetti, full of energy and connected to the earth, elicits a variety of nuances from the grapes using techniques developed partly by himself. They give the Oasi degli Angeli's wonderful red drops, matured in barriques and kept in a modern style, plenty of finesse. The pure Kurni from Montepulciano already has a legendary reputation and gives rise to lively discussions at tastings. From the wine guideGambero Rosso, the Edeltropfen, which is described by many connoisseurs as one of the best Italian wines, has received the highest rating of "Tre Bicchieri" received. Marco now indulges his latest passion with the Kupra, which is available on the market in a very small edition: the Bordò, a clone from the Grenache vine cultivated mainly in Spain and France. SUPERIORE.DE

    "Far away from famous regions and producers, Marco Casolanetti on Oasi degli Angeli on the border between Marche and Abruzzo produces unique wines: dense, silky and terroir-bound."Falstaff

    "Everything that comes from Marco Casolanetti and Eleonora Rossi is visionary: these are the wines, their extra virgin olive oil and finally the culinary offer in their agriturismo business."Gambero Rosso


    • Year of foundation: 1997
    • Owners: Marco Casolanetti and Eleonora Rossi
    • Oenologist: Marco Casolanetti
    • Annual production: approx. 6,000 bottles
    • Vineyard: approx. 16 hectares
    • Biodynamic cultivation (not certified)