• "Re Manfredi" Rosato di Basilicata IGT 2019

      “Re Manfredi” Rosato di Basilicata IGT 2019

      A beautiful, terroir-influenced Rosato from the autochthonous grape variety Aglianico. Its label bears the coat of arms of the ruling house of Emperor Frederick the Staufer, who was at home here. Pithy, fresh and fruity, definitely one of the best Rosati of Basilicata. SUPERIORE.DE

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      The 2018 vintage received the following awards:

      • Vinous:90 points
      • Grape Variety: 100% Aglianico
      • Cultivation: conventional
      • Expansion: Stainless steel
      • Development: Stainless steel tank
      • Filtration: yes
      • Alcohol Content: 12,50 % vol
      • Total Extract: 30,85 g/l
      • Total Acidity: 6,25 g/l
      • Residual Sugar: 5,15 g/l
      • Sulfite: 118 mg/l
      • ph-Value: 3,42
      • Closure: Natural cork
      • Serving Temperature: 10-12 °C
      • Storage Potential: 2022
      • Food Recommendations: Fish, seafood
      • Allergen Note: contains sulphites
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      stored air-conditioned

      17012519 · 0,75 l · 10,60 €/l · Price (DE) incl. VAT, excl. Shipping< 24 units available

      7,95 €
    • "Re Manfredi" Aglianico del Vulture DOC 2017

      “Re Manfredi” Aglianico del Vulture DOC 2017

      Re Manfredi is a masterpiece made from the autochthonous Aglianico grape variety. Its label is emblazoned with the coat of arms of the ruling house of Emperor Frederick the Hohenstaufen, who was at home here. Deep ruby red, fragrant, intense and complex bouquet, rich fruit, robust structure, fine tannins and clean, pleasant bitter tones in harmony, very dense, elegant, spicy and complex with a subtle woody tone. A beautiful, characteristic red! SUPERIORE.DE

      • Doctor Wine:92 points
      • Vinibuoni:
      • Grape Variety: 100% Aglianico
      • Cultivation: conventional
      • Expansion: new/used barrique
      • Development: barrique
      • Filtration: yes
      • Alcohol Content: 14,50 % vol
      • Total Extract: 33,25 g/l
      • Total Acidity: 5,35 g/l
      • Residual Sugar: 2,95 g/l
      • Sulfite: 88 mg/l
      • ph-Value: 3,48
      • Closure: natural cork
      • Serving Temperature: 18-20 °C
      • Storage Potential: 2028+
      • Food Recommendations: leg of lamb
      • Allergen Note: contains sulphites
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      stored air-conditioned

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    About the winemakersRe Manfredi | Terre degli SveviBasilicata
    Re Manfredi | Terre degli Svevi

    Almost kitschy beautiful. A dressed up, brightly whitewashed typical south Italian stone house with a small tower, shaded by massive pine trees. Red-brown earth interspersed with meticulously combed green rows of vines, stretching in gentle waves over 100 hectares towards the north, where the mighty extinct volcano Monte Vulture rises 1,300 m high with its black lava rock against the light blue sky. Nothing in this idyll suggests that it is one of the largest wine groups in Italy. Because the team around chief Paolo Montrone, who grew up here, the oenologist Christian Scrinzi and the agronomist Pietro Bertè works practically autonomously.

    For Italy vacationers: Draw a line between the ports of Bari in the east and Salerno in the west. Pretty much in the middle is this wonderful volcanic country, almost the ankle of Italy. Here is the heart of the Aglianico del Vulture growing area, which is often called the "Barolo of the South".

    Once the poorhouse of Italy, in recent years Basilicata has attracted the interest of some major wine producers, who are now investing here quite massively. This was triggered by the success of "Re Manfredi", because the Gruppo Italiano Vini (GIV) recognized the potential of the land between the seas already in the 1990s and founded the Cantina Terre degli Svevi, today named Re Manfredi after the son of the famous Staufer King Frederick II, as early as 1998. Here near Venosa, the historic birthplace of the Roman poet Horace, and not far from Barile and Maschito in the north of the province of Potenza in the heart of Lucania.

    The resources and experience of the large company help the regional team to be successful on the international stage. The optimal adaptation of rootstock vines, autochthonous clones and the selection of own yeasts are, in addition to marketing and international sales, of course the best help for local wineries. At Re Manfredi we focus on careful cultivation, so the strong growing Aglianico is "tamed" by hand. Leaf removal and green harvesting are carried out by hand by the team of the agronomist. This saves mechanical processing and the use of chemical agents, prevents soil compaction and enables natural cultivation. The windy microclimate with strong temperature fluctuations helps additionally.

    The soils are multi-layered. Ancient lava rock from Monte Vulture eroded over the decades, is fertile and mineral, natural calcium and nitrogen compounds are found in the mixture of tuff, clay, lime and loam. Depending on the subsoil, the vineyards were planted using modern French Guyot or traditional Italian Cordone Speronata training. The youngest vines are between five and ten years old. Most of the vines were planted about 20 years ago and are located around the country house and the winery at 400-450 m above sea level. Over 100 hectares are pure Aglianico. Only a small part is also planted with white grape varieties. From Müller-Thurgau and a little Gewürztraminer comes the amazingly fruity, aromatic and lively "Re Manfredi" Bianco di Basilicata IGT.

    The oldest vines are more than 40 years old and stand on a gentle hill, which arches at about 550 m above sea level near Maschito. The "place of snakes", as one could translate "Serpara", is the "cru" of Re Manfredi. A multiple awarded Aglianico from this exclusive single location.

    Of course, the winery is particularly proud of these awards, because receiving the coveted Tre Bicchieri of Gambero Rosso several times and being listed among the best Italian wineries in Wine-Spectator brings not only reputation for the winery, but also for the Aglianico grape variety and attention for the entire Basilicata wine region. SUPERIORE.DE

    "Founded in 1998, the estate, a branch of Gruppo Italiano Vini, was one of the first external investors in Basilicata in 1998. Today it has a population of 120 hectares between Venosa, Barile and Maschito. The Aglianico is the absolute ruler, but Müller-Thurgau and Traminer Aromatico are admitted to having a niche existence. The technical management is in the hands of Nunzio Capruso, who attaches great importance to a solid, modern wine design without getting caught in extremes. The top reds mature in barriques, which are however only partly new. The tastings gave a uniform picture, which essentially corresponds to the results of previous years."Gambero Rosso

    "Re Manfredi (also known as Terre degli Svevi) is owned by Gruppo Italiano Vini and represents that important injection of cash and trust that every emerging wine region, like forgotten Basilicata, yearns for. Its mere existence is a validation for this poor region in Southern Italy and its continued presence is a beacon of hope and promise for the future. I have had the opportunity to visit the cellars and am absolutely impressed by the quality of technology and the commitment of investment made here. Re Manfredi offers good value and an authentic taste of Lucania."Robert Parker


    • Year of foundation: 1998
    • Owner: Gruppo Italiano Vini
    • Oenologist: Christian Scrinzi
    • Agronomist: Petro Bertè
    • Annual production: approx. 230,000 bottles
    • Vineyard: approx. 120 hectares
    • Conventional cultivation