Information regarding the protection of young people

    1. SUPERIORE.DE only enters into contractual relationships with customers of legal age. Consequently, customers declare that they are over the age of 18 when sending their order. The customers also declare that the information relating to their age, name and address are correct. The customer is also obliged to ensure that only the customer themselves, or persons of legal age authorised by the customer take receipt of the delivery, or accept delivery of the goods. SUPERIORE.DE uses a reliable procedure (i.e. DHL Ident-Check) including a personal identity and age check to verify the recipient's legal age (youth protection act).
    2. If persons not of legal age arrange orders stating incorrect facts and / or without the permission of a responsible person of legal age who is their legal guardian or custodian, then SUPERIORE.DE hereby in principle cancels these contracts as a precaution in accordance with section 111 of the German Civil Code.
    3. If SUPERIORE.DE becomes aware of an order which has been initiated stating false information, then SUPERIORE.DE reserves the right to instigate criminal proceedings in addition to the cancellation in accordance with Section 111 of the German Civil Code referred to above.

    The legal guardians and/or custodians of the minor and young people not of legal age placing the order are liable to SUPERIORE.DE in accordance with the statutory regulations for all damages arising for SUPERIORE.DE resulting from all orders made with the statement of false information. This includes releasing SUPERIORE.DE from claims arising from the customer obligation under subparagraph 1.