At our partners you will find a lot of further information about wine, Italy and sustainable enjoyment.



    On WEINKENNER.DE you will learn interesting facts about wine theory and wine practice, most of the texts are written by the well-known wine journalist Dr. Jens Priewe.



    Merum is aimed at professionals and lovers of Italian wine and also reports on the olive oil and agricultural scene of the country.

    falstaff ? Internationale Zeitschrift f?r Essen, Trinken und Reisen

    falstaff - International magazine for food, drink and travel

    Falstaff entertains with many exciting stories from the wide world of enjoyment.

    Slow Food

    SUPERIORE.DE supports Slow Food.

    Slow Food has made it its mission to cultivate and promote the culture of food and drink. The focus is on responsible agriculture and fishing as well as species-appropriate livestock breeding, support for the traditional food trade and the preservation of the regional diversity of tastes. Conscientious enjoyment is also close to our hearts, which is why we support Slow Food with our membership. Learn more about Slow Food, a global non-profit organization:

    VINUM - Europe's wine magazine

    VINUM - Europe's wine magazine

    VINUM - That is enjoyment at a high level. Stories about the cultural property wine are the constant topic. The extensive tastings with recommendations and the travel and cultural reports invite you to linger.


    SUPERIORE.DE is the sponsor of the WINE in MODERATION program.

    WINE in MODERATION is a European programme to promote responsible and moderate wine consumption and to inform about the risks that can arise from improper alcohol consumption.

    On the trail of wine

    On the trail of wine

    Travel for wine lovers and epicures. The tour operator has specialised in cooking, wine and gourmet tours, primarily in Italy. The journeys combine in the most pleasant way the topics wine, culinary experiences as well as the cultural discovery of the destinations.