We are

    Am Anfang stand die Vision.

    In the beginning there was vision.

    Today it is reality.

    Surely it must be possible to run an online store where customers receive the same friendly and professional advice as they would in their favourite wine shop? Just with a lot more choice.

    That was the idea behind our decision to set up SUPERIORE.DE GMBH back in 2002. Our customers soon discovered that our concept worked and we delivered on our promises. Today, the sensitively renovated late 19th century building that houses our company headquarters symbolises our values and the quality of our wines, all of which are safely tucked away in air-conditioned storage areas behind solid brick walls.

    We can only achieve what we do with perfectionists who are crazy about wine and who would not add any product to the range that they themselves were not wholly convinced about. With a motivated team that is committed to focusing on customers and delivering impeccable service. And with logistics partners who transport our wines at lightning speed to the correct destinations.

    These, together with the wealth of easy-to-understand information in our user-friendly shop, have made us Germany’s leading online supplier of authentic Italian premium wines. And there we go!

    Ein Glück für Weinliebhaber.

    A treasure trove for wine lovers.

    The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    Outside the mass market, many vineyards are still traditional family-run businesses or artisan producers. Exquisite small production runs or unusually vinified grapes from small estates are, however, rarities to which one is only able to gain access via personal contact. That is the only way we can guarantee our broad range of products for connoisseurs and top restaurateurs, while also using a combination of instinct and knowledge to unearth choice spirits and gourmet delicacies.

    The SUPERIORE.DE catalogue contains almost all Italy’s wine regions and the variety of labels in our range is unrivalled in Germany. It is especially important to us that our prices are fair, and this applies to our customers as well as to our suppliers. We aim for transparent pricing that ensures fairness for everyone involved in the value creation chain for wine as a cultural product. And this is also an important part of the dialogue, as clear information, communication and trust are embedded in our business model.

    Auf das Lager kommt es an.

    The right storage makes all the difference.

    Traditional industrial monument instead of emotionless functional building.

    The ground floor and first floor of our distinctive building have no windows. From the outside, you cannot see that the external walls of the wine storage areas actually consist of two layers: an exterior red brick shell and a thermally insulated sand-lime brick wall, separated by an air cavity whose climate control and ventilation technology keeps the wine storage areas in the interior of the building at a constant temperature. Architecturally it is a building within a building, with climate control technology that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

    With a constant temperature of 15°C and 60 % humidity, this vibration-free environment in which our premium wines are kept preserves the high quality that the winemakers sought to achieve. Our skilled warehouse operatives take particular care of each individual bottle right up to the point of dispatch.

    Wir sind blitzschnell.

    We move at lightning speed.

    At its best: Perfect infrastructure and sophisticated logistics.

    Because we do not have a minimum order quantity, it makes no difference whether our customers order half a delivery van for their restaurant business or just a single, very special bottle for their private wine cellar. Obtaining speciality wines from the Aosta Valley to Sardinia has never been as quick and easy as this!

    Our speed is a result of streamlined infrastructure combined with efficient warehouse logistics. We have reinforced and certified cardboard packaging at our disposal for orders of all sizes and quantities, enabling us to guarantee that orders will almost always be dispatched promptly the next working day. That is something our customers really appreciate: SUPERIORE.DE has achieved a five-digit number of positive ratings on the independent shop review site eKomi, and even though we grant our customers an extended right of return, our return rate is very low. And let’s face it, who would choose to send a good wine back?

    Wir denken langfristig.

    We think long term.

    Responsibility and sustainability govern our actions.

    A vine needs years and a great deal of nurturing before it makes its first contribution to a good bottle, and winemakers plan the development of their vineyards a long time in advance. This sustainability of the goods we sell also defines our own business mindset: unpolluted soil, an unspoilt natural environment and a healthy climate are the basis for the products we love.

    Meanwhile, every package we dispatch is sent as a DHL “GoGreen” shipment within Germany. This means all CO2 emissions released during the shipment of packages are offset through certified climate protection projects. And our listed company headquarters also plays its part when it comes to sustainability: Mother Nature and we ourselves ensure that the perfect climate is created in our storage areas and offices – with photovoltaic panels on our rooftop and an advanced, highly efficient combined heat and power unit.

    Ein Standort, der ein Standpunkt ist.

    A location that is a landmark.

    There is no contradiction: Preserve the old and the good. Always keeping an eye on the future.

    Our red brick building is a witness to Saxony’s historic industrial tradition. Built as a production hall in the 19th century, it has housed many companies over the years, including Siemens, VEB Elektrowärme Sörnewitz (EWS) and AEG. The aim of SUPERIORE.DE GMBH was not only to preserve this unique industrial monument which had stood empty for 17 years, but also to give it a whole new lease of life.

    The renovation and conversion works between 2009 and 2013 succeeded in combining a carefully preserved historic building with modern infrastructure: day after day, we appreciate this jewel in a unique rural setting. We are located near Saxony’s wine route and the city of Meissen, which is famous for its porcelain, and at the same time also have excellent transport links to the A4 and A13 motorways.