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    About the winemakers
    Castello di Radda
    Tuscany | Chianti
    Castello di Radda

    The charming winery Castello di Radda is situated on a hill west of the village that gave its name to it, directly below the Castello di Volpaia. Next to the wineries Orlandi Contucci Ponno in Abruzzo and Lo Sparviere in the Lombard region of Franciacorta, famous for its sparkling wines, it is another ambitious wine project of the industrial dynasty Gussalli Beretta. With great ambition and spurred on by their love of fine wines, the family rebuilt the old estate not far from Volpaia, another top location in the Chianti region, which comprises 170 hectares of land. The loamy and calcareous soils with a high skeleton content, combined with favourable south-west and south-east locations, provide ideal conditions for Sangiovese and Canaiolo vines, which are reflected in authentic Chianti Classico wines.

    When building the cellar, the Beretta family consistently followed their traditional path, opting for an underground installation designed by the architect Spartaco Mori and against the construction of a production plant in the middle of the picturesque Tuscan countryside. In 'sanctum' of the Castello di Radda winery, the harvested grapes are first carefully sorted in order to rule out the slightest mistake from the outset. During the vinification only minimal interventions are made. The IGT wines, ripened in small French oak barrels, which also include pure and blended IGT wines made from Merlot and/or Sangiovese, should develop according to their nature - also called controlled idleness in technical jargon.

    The exquisite elegant Chianti Classico wines present themselves rich in finesse and possess a fine fullness of aroma. The terroir comes into its own in the glass - an achievement that is also appreciated by established wine guides and critics as Gambero RossoRobert Parkerappropriate. The fact that the products of the Chianti Classico winery are increasingly becoming the focus of wine lovers is by no means a matter of course in view of the still young history of the winery. The oenologist Maurizio Castelli, however, is a graduate and very experienced agricultural engineer in the Beretta family's boat, who was involved in the great success of the Supertoscans and who possesses the same high sensitivity of the estate owners towards the environment and high-quality cultivation techniques. SUPERIORE.DE


    • Year of foundation: 2003
    • Owner: Family Gussalli Beretta
    • Oenologist: Maurizio Castelli
    • Annual production: approx. 100,000 bottles
    • Vineyard: approx. 45 hectares
    • Conventional cultivation