Gut zu wissen

    Good to know.

    Acting with brains.

    Quite a few customers wonder whether purchasing from a mail order company is compatible with their personal ideas and principles of sustainable action. But that’s only one half the story: Responsibility and sustainability begin well before the actual shipping process and we think every day about how we can work even more efficiently and in a way that saves you resources. In the following we would like to highlight the basic principles of our thoughts and actions.

    Historischer Industriebau

    Sound and rich in tradition.

    A historic industrial building instead of a new construction on a green meadow.

    In 2009 SUPERIORE.DE acquired the former main building of “Elektrowärme Sörnewitz”. After three years of renovation, the over 4,000 m² were put into operation. Not only are our products stored here behind metre-thick walls, but the company is also managed from here. Not a resource-consuming newly constructed hall on a green field site, but the sensitively and intelligently planned conversion of a 100-year-old building, which was left to decay after the political change. A further 28 trees have now been planted on the approximately 10,000 m² property. The spacious green areas are mown only once a year and provide an optimal habitat for numerous butterflies and other insects, especially in the spring and summer months, thus supporting regional biodiversity.


    Perfect climate.

    Our wine storehouse has no summer and winter time.

    Lovers of Italian premium wines fear nothing more than buying a Barolo that has not been stored properly. For this reason, all of our wines are stored in an air-conditioned room at 15 °C all year round. Dark, free from vibrations and without temperature fluctuations. In order for it to be as resource-saving and as almost cost-neutral as possible, we not only have a double-walled and rear-ventilated storage shell, but also an air conditioning system that is operated all year round with the electricity from our 74 kWp photovoltaic system and the 20/40 kW cogeneration unit. At peak times we buy the max. 5 % of missing energy from the municipal utility company in the form of “green electricity”.

    Effiziente Beschaffungslogistik

    From Italy to our warehouse.

    Sophisticated and efficient procurement logistics.

    We import wines from approx. 300 winegrowers directly from Italy. In order to make this as quick and efficient as possible, we accumulate in regional interim storage facilities and pick up the pallets there once a week. This reduces the transportation costs per bottle and saves fuel and tolls at the same time. The last 900 km from Verona to Dresden are preferably covered by train. This is not only good for the climate, but also saves time and money.


    Safe and sustainable.

    It all comes down to the right packaging.

    Our high-quality shipping packaging is certified by DHL and not only protects against breakage, but also against extreme temperatures and moisture. In addition, it is made from 90 % recycled paper and can be 100 % recycled with waste paper. For you we participate in the dual system (Landbell). The boxes are 100 % glued with potato or corn starch, a natural, renewable raw material that can be recycled without any environmental impact. The cardboard boxes are all produced in Germany and for environmental, efficiency and cost reasons, we always order complete juggernauts.

    Klimaneutraler Versand

    Climate-neutral shipping.

    A clear conscience Europe-wide.

    In the meantime, every package we send to you travels across Germany and Europe as a “DHL GoGreen” shipment. All CO2 emissions from shipping are compensated by certified climate protection projects. In 2022, this way, we were able to neutralise approx. 22 t CO2. Bright prospects: The Deutsche Post DHL Group will improve the CO2 efficiency by a further 50 % by 2025.

    Source: DHL Sustainability Report | Calculation logic and final emissions data verified by external auditing company SGS


    Returns are harmful to the climate.

    It’s much better to avoid them.

    According to a recent study by the Federal Association of German Mail Order Companies (bevh), in Germany every 6th parcel is sent back. This pollutes the environment with around 200,000 t CO2 per year. In 2022 we only had 30 returns. Not a bad balance with approx. 40,000 parcels. This speaks not only for the quality of our wines, but also for your sound wine expertise and prudence. A huge thank you for that!

    Zum Schluss

    And finally.

    Why do we tell you all this?

    You know that we pay close attention and apply maximum transparency to our pricing and range design. With us, you will not find astronomical prices and mega discounts, but always an honest, handcrafted product at a fair price. And also a lot of interesting information included, and all that in four languages. We work every day to improve our overall performance and nonetheless never lose sight of the sustainability of what we do, because as a mail order company we have a particularly great responsibility towards resources and the environment. We just want you to know, that we know and live that.