If there is a top address in our business, then it is Meininger Verlag, which appropriately resides in Neustadt an der Weinstraße: In 1903, the "Weinblatt" by founder Daniel Meininger was one of the first renowned trade journals to deal with our favourite topic, and 114 years later the publishing house became an oenological and gastronomic authority.

    Every year the trade magazine "Weinwirtschaft" awards the Wine Dealer of the Year and never before has an online retailer been able to achieve this highest level of dedication in the wine trade – until now. All the more reason for us to be delighted that SUPERIORE.DE GMBH has become the first online retailer of the year in this distribution channel, which has been chosen for the first time. As an Internet retailer, standing on the podium between excellent specialist retailers and very good wine departments - you can drink to that with confidence.

    Who made this success possible? Our suppliers and customers, of course, who contributed to SUPERIORE.DE’s "sustainable, economically successful business model", as editor-in-chief Dr. Hermann Pilz expressly praised in his laudation.

    Our more than 250 Italian wineries and their 2,000 different labels now appeal to more than 100,000 customers in Germany and other European countries – with eight employees, SUPERIORE.DE has become a multiplier of good taste. And it is precisely this role that drives us: transparency and information are at the heart of our brand and our range is broad, but sharp and precisely tailored to our premium standards.

    The fact that this concept has worked so well for 16 years now has a lot to do with quality and enthusiasm. Suppliers who work every day on the best quality and customers who value this work and remain loyal to us. For this we would like to thank you! SUPERIORE.DE

    FALSTAFF | SUPERIORE.DE: Winner "Wine Merchant Italy"

    The renowned trade magazine Falstaff asked its community at the end of 2020 “Where do you prefer to buy wine?" and you answered. And we are excited: SUPERIORE.DE was voted the most popular wine merchant in the category “selection Italy”. Thank you very much for your numerous votes and, of course, especially for your loyalty over the last 20 years, without which this great result would not...

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