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    Vermouth di Torino <br>in Gift Box

    From the very beginning, Pio Cesare produced limited quantities of Barolo Chinato and Vermouth, strictly following a family recipe handed down from his grandfather. At the beginning of the 1950s, however, production was discontinued as tastes and preferences changed.

    In recent years, it has been noticed that Piedmont lovers are increasingly longing for traditional character, strong personality and great individuality in aromatic wines and wine-based aperitifs. As a result, the decision was taken to produce small quantities of Barolo Chinato and Vermouth again, again strictly according to a secret family recipe, kept under lock and key for many years under the careful supervision of the grandmother, granddaughter of the founder.

    In addition to absinthe, which is essential for the production of a good wormwood, it is refined with a mixture of 26 aromatic herbs such as marjoram leaves, gentian roots, orange zest and others, which are dosed together strictly according to the family recipe that has been handed down. Various white wines from the winery are added, including Moscato d'Asti. After 15 days of maceration, the wormwood obtained is aged in oak barrels for at least 4 months. Finally, the recipe is rounded off with the addition of caramelized sugar, which gives this vermouth its bright colour and unmistakable aroma and taste.

    Connoisseurs enjoy it in the old "Piedmontese style": no ice, just a small slice of lemon peel. SUPERIORE.DE

    "Thanks to its funky retro packaging, this is one of the most exciting projects to come out of downtown Alba in a very long time. The Pio Cesare NV Vermouth di Torino sees a base of Chardonnay enhanced with Moscato. (Like the estate's other fortified wine, the Barolo Chinato, only 1,000 bottles are released per year.) The Vermouth pours forth from the bottle with an orange or copper color. It is thick and viscous, taking its time as it swirls around the bowl of my glass. The bouquet reveals mountain herb and medicinal tones, with lots of mint and spearmint. There is some blood orange, citrus, licorice, camphor ash, vanilla and spice. This Vermouth is all fun and charm." Robert Parker

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    Product Details
    • Grape Variety: Absinthe, Various White Wines From Pio Cesare, Herbal Mixture
    • Cultivation: conventional
    • Expansion: 4 months oak barrel
    • Development: wooden barrel
    • Filtration: yes
    • Alcohol Content: 16,00 % vol
    • Closure: natural cork
    • Serving Temperature: 18-20 °C
    • Storage Potential: 2025
    • Food Recommendations: aperitif
    • Allergen Note: contains sulphites

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    Bester Vermouth den ich kenne! Geschmacklich sensationell!


    einmalig. ***

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