ENOGEA Map “Alto Adige DOC: Mazzon“

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    ENOGEA Map "Alto Adige DOC: Mazzon"

    "Mazzon is definitely the finest italian cru for pinot noir. Colored map with all of the existing vineyards within the confines of Mazzon, the colors indicate the vineyards of the individual producers of the territory. On the back side You find a detailled introduction to the territory." Alessandro Masnaghetti

    Execution: printed on both sides, with numerous background information on areas, heights, extent, variety of grape varieties, production data and Google Earth coordinates

    Size: DIN A4 or 59 x 84 cm (opened)

    Alessandro Masnaghetti is a very old stone of the Italian wine industry. The journalist has worked for renowned publications such as Guido Vini d'Italia L'Espresso and the renowned wine guide by Luigi Veronelli. He has also published numerous articles and tasting reports, e.g. in the New York Times and the Revue du Vin de France.

    Alessandro, in close cooperation with the cadastral offices and consortiums of the most famous wine-growing regions, has been publishing for several years the cartographic work of the most important wine regions in Italy, which is probably unique to this day and which brings new insights to even the most widely travelled, well-read and wine-loving connoisseur of Italy. A must for all lovers of Italian wines, who want to experience the true diversity and strength of the Italian wine world, right down to the smallest single vineyard of the respective appellation, away from the usual standard mush. SUPERIORE.DE

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