“Messorio” Rosso IGT 2017 · MAGNUM

    Az. Agr. Le Macchiole | Toskana
    Le Macchiole | Via Bolgherese 189 | IT 57020 Bolgheri

    "Messorio" Rosso IGT 2017 <br>MAGNUM

    Messorio gehört seit über einem Jahrzehnt zu den besten und rarsten Merlots Italiens. Weich, reich, elegant, raffiniert und dabei nie übertrieben. Im Bouquet reife Früchte, Kaffee, Graphit und französische Eiche. Strukturiert und ausgeglichen, fasziniert Messorio die internationale Weinwelt jedes Jahr mit einer Klarheit und Länge, die ihresgleichen sucht. SUPERIORE.DE

    "Messorio is a wine that beautifully reflects the characteristics of the vintage and is a very accurate measuring stick of how any single vintage will eventually perform both in terms of near-term accessibility and long-term cellar aging. That said, the Le Macchiole 2017 Messorio plays its strongest cards in terms of mouthfeel and texture, revealing a robust structure and firmly integrated tannins that come from both the richly concentrated fruit and the careful use of oak. The wine shows a heavy center of gravity and a solid base of dark fruit that is enhanced by caramel, brown sugar, spice and creamy blackberry preserves. It does offer immediate appeal, but I'd wait a few more years to give this 2017 Messorio more time to flesh out and evolve." Robert Parker

    "The 2017 Messorio is classy and polished to the core. It is also incredibly young and not at all forthcoming. Messorio is a wine that needs a surprising amount of time in bottle to truly shine. I expect that will be the case here as well. Today, the 2017 is all about fruit and density. Time in the cellar should allow for its aromatics to emerge more fully. Overall, though, this is a fairly restrained style, in keeping with the showing of 2017 Bolgheri reds more broadly. All the elements come together so gracefully in this striking wine." Vinous

    "This wine shows beautiful clarity and class on the nose with roses, tar, currants, green and black olives and plums. It’s exceptionally fine-tannined with such polish and finesse. So sophisticated and intense for this vintage. Long, chewy finish, yet this is mouth-filling and caressing." James Suckling

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    09832917 · 1,5 l · 312,67 €/l · Preis (DE) inkl. USt, zzgl. Versand6 Stück verfügbar

    • Rebsorte: 100% Merlot
    • Anbau: naturnah
    • Ausbau: 17 Monate neues/gebrauchtes Barrique
    • Filtration: Nein
    • Alkoholgehalt: 14,50 % vol
    • Gesamtextrakt: 32,78 g/l
    • Gesamtsäure: 5,59 g/l
    • Restzucker: 1,38 g/l
    • Sulfit: 66 mg/l
    • ph-Wert: 3,51
    • Verschluss: Naturkorken
    • Trinktemperatur: 18-20 °C
    • Lagerpotenzial: 2044+
    • Allergenhinweis: enthält Sulfite
    • harmonisch / weich und rund
    • kräftig / würzig / erdig
    • Wein für Kamin-/Tabakliebhaber
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