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    About the winemakersLa CarraiaUmbria

    The success story of La Carraia began in 1988, when the Gialletti families, experienced winegrowers from the Orvieto production area and Riccardo Cotarella, then still at the beginning of their careers and now a world-renowned enologist, decided to produce wines together on this estate with vineyards in the most beautiful locations and an efficient winery. Since then, success has followed success. SUPERIORE.DE

    "The winery La Carraia, owned by Odoardo Gialetti and Riccardo Cotarella (a name that we certainly don't have to explain here any more), offers year after year a wine collection that is as reliable as a security lock."Gambero Rosso

    Year founded: 1988
    Owners: Odoardo Gialetti and Riccardo Cotarella
    Oenologist: Riccardo Cotarella
    Annual production: 550,000 bottles
    Vineyard: 119 hectares
    Conventional cultivation