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    About the winemakersFattoria della TalosaTuscany | Montepulciano
    Fattoria della Talosa

    Entering the underground cellars of the winery in the two Palazzi Tarugi and Sinatti in the historic centre of Montepulciano, you can imagine yourself going back to the 16th century. The wines of the Fattoria della Talosa are brought to maturity in this fascinating and respectful environment. The corridors, built entirely of bricks, alternate with vaults and niches in which impressively large wooden barrels are stored. The offices and facilities for the ageing in small barrels and bottles are located outside the centre near the main connecting roads.

    The wine house, run dynamically by Angelo Jacorossi, a well-known entrepreneur from Rome, since the beginning of the seventies, was one of the first wineries in this historically rich region to consistently and uncompromisingly embark on a path of quality, leading its products first to the top of the wines of Tuscany and then the whole of Italy. Jacorossi is supported in his work with the estate by his family and by a staff of recognised experts.

    Located in southern Tuscany, in one of the most beautiful areas of Montepulciano, at an altitude of 350 to 400 metres, the vineyards are meticulously tended so that every year in September they can produce grapes that pay homage to a Vino Nobile. In addition to the outstanding Sangiovese and the other autochthonous grape varieties Canaiolo and Mammolo, the red grape portfolio also includes Merlot as a French variety. In order for the harvest and the immediate processing of the berries to take place in rapid succession, the harvested fruit is first transported to a nearby wine processing centre before being vinified in the winery under the direction of Technical Director Michele Merola according to all the rules of the art of wine making.

    The Talosa winery was first founded in 1972 under the name Fattoria di Fognano before being renamed sixteen years later. Around 100,000 bottles filled with precious drops are produced there every year. The main focus of the range is clearly on the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. This drop full of character in a strong ruby red colour is also matured as Riserva in better years. The best vintages almost reach the power of a Brunello without losing the elegance of a classic Nobile. SUPERIORE.DE


    • Year of foundation: 1972
    • Owner: Angelo Jacorossi
    • Oenologist: Michele Merola
    • Annual production: approx. 100,000 bottles
    • Vineyard: approx. 35 hectares
    • Natural cultivation