• "Soldera Case Basse" Sangiovese Toscana IGT 2015

      “Soldera Case Basse” Sangiovese Toscana IGT 2015

      Deep, rich ruby red. Intoxicating nose with clearly perceptible herbal spice, wonderfully layered with hints of mint and young leather. On the palate vibrantly vibrant with dark red cherries paired with fine, original grape sweetness, always with a precision and structure that is rarely found in a glass. Its purity, liveliness and deeply impressive personality reveals itself with every further sip. Rarely has a Sangiovese made us so devout. Everything that makes a perfect wine is in here! SUPERIORE.DE

      • Grape Variety: 100% Sangiovese
      • Cultivation: close to nature
      • Expansion: 48 months wooden barrel
      • Development: wooden barrel
      • Filtration: no
      • Alcohol Content: 13,50 % vol
      • Total Extract: 1,40 g/l
      • Closure: natural cork
      • Serving Temperature: 18-20 °C
      • Storage Potential: 2046+
      • Allergen Note: contains sulphites
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      stored air-conditioned

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    About the winemakers
    Soldera Case Basse
    Tuscany | Montalcino
    Soldera Case Basse

    Founder Gianfranco Soldera only marketed his wines if he believed that the vintage year corresponded to the quality level of the winery - for example, the 1989 vintage was completely abandoned. His daughter Monica and her husband Paolo have remained true to this philosophy and today run the Case Basse winery in the south-western area of Montalcino, together with their mother Graziella Soldera and brother Mauro.

    But let's start with the beginnings of the winery: Gianfranco Soldera, originally from Treviso, came to Tuscany in the 1970s with his wife Graziella to look for ideally located vineyards. The pioneer of organic viticulture developed a strictly ecological concept at an early stage, first of all by creating a complex ecosystem which, as an ideal growing area, enables the production of excellent grapes.

    The hilly 23 hectares of Case Basse vineyards are situated at an altitude of 320 metres, with a perfect south-west exposure. Gianfranco Soldera was one of the first "green" winegrowers in Tuscany to abandon the use of pure yeast and chemical fertilizers without exception. He was convinced that the traditional methods of cultivation and production were useful and should be checked and improved by means of modern, experimental technologies. This led the company to carry out numerous university research projects, which are still ongoing today and which benefit wine production.

    The perfect balance between the experience gained in the past production years and the constant pursuit of innovation and improvement allows the production of wines that fully express their environment. The dry, sunny and fog-free climate, together with constant ventilation, allows the winery to harvest healthy grapes year after year, which are then processed into long-lasting, highly remarkable wines.

    Of course, the harvest is done exclusively by hand by selecting the best fruits, and the must ferments in large fermentation tanks made of Slavonian oak using naturally occurring wild yeasts. The subsequent continuous monitoring of the maturing process in large wooden barrels - small barriques are deliberately avoided - benefits the wines until the moment of their enjoyment.

    Pure Sangiovese wines like those of Case Basse are an expression of their unique terroir and guarantee their connoisseurs unforgettable moments of pleasure. For Gianfranco Soldera, wine was "the only edible natural product that can survive the life of a man" and his precious Brunello will outlast and honour the landlord, who unfortunately died of a heart attack in February 2019 at the age of 82 amidst his vineyards, by decades.

    To this day, his wines are characterised by harmony, elegance, complexity and naturalness, and inspire shared enjoyment and the desire to drink more of them. Case Basse is a showcase winery for organic, sustainable wine production, where pure yeast, filtration and all fining agents are avoided. Whoever has one of these wines in the cellar will certainly enjoy it for decades. SUPERIORE.DE


    • Year of foundation: 1972
    • Owner: Family Soldera
    • Oenologist: Family Soldera
    • Annual production: approx. 16,000 bottles
    • Vineyard: approx. 23 hectares
    • Organic wine production