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    About the winemakersLa RasinaTuscany | Montalcino

    The small winery La Rasina of the Mantengoli family is one of the fixed stars in the Tuscan cultivation area Montalcino. For its powerful and yet elegant wines, it has already won Gambero Rossothe coveted "Three glasses" as the highest award. The eight-hectare vineyards have been planted exclusively with Sangiovese Grosso. Since the vineyards are located on the eastern slope in the immediate vicinity of the Fattoria, the grapes reach the winery in no time at all. According to the owner of the estate, Marco Mantengoli, the rapid delivery of the wines is a major factor in their success.

    Fattoria La Rasina, which includes five hectares of olive groves, was founded in 1973 by Santi Mantengoli. In the second half of the eighties, with the help of his son Vasco, the owner specialised in winemaking. In 1988, the first bottles of "Brunello di Montalcino La Rasina" bottled. When Santis dynamic grandson Marco took over the administration in 1997, the company, one of the smallest wineries in Montalcino, experienced a real boom. It turned out that the young winemaker, as a trained oenologist, knows how to combine new ideas for winemaking with traditional experiences.

    The vineyards are situated at an average altitude of 350 metres above sea level. They are partly with young plants, partly however also with approximately 30 years old plants existed. The vines reach a density between 3,500 and 4,500 pieces per hectare. The yield per hectare of the grapes, harvested completely by hand and carefully selected, is up to 8,000 kilograms. The moderately fertile soils consist mostly of a clay-sand mixture with a higher calcium content.

    The Fattoria La Rasina's air-conditioned vinification and ageing areas are very functional, with Allier barrels with a capacity of up to 50 hectolitres as well as barriques. In total, up to 35,000 bottles of Rosso and Brunello are produced annually at reasonable prices on the estate. SUPERIORE.DE

    "Marco has transformed the estate from a simple family farm into a world-class vineyard. The Brunelli are truly genuine and a heritage rich in tradition."James Suckling

    Year of foundation: 1973

    Owner: Marco Mantengoli

    Önologe: Paolo Caciorgna

    Annual production: 60,000 bottles

    Vineyard: 11 hectares

    Conventional cultivation