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    About the winemakersLa PoderinaTuscany | Montalcino
    La Poderina

    Not sacrificing tradition to modernity, but skillfully developing it further - this is the recipe for success that has made La Poderina one of Montalcino's most highly rated wineries. The small but fine winery, located not far from the village of Castelnuovo dell'Abate, covers a total area of 49 hectares. In addition to grape-growing, two and a half hectares of the estate are used for olive-growing; a good 24 hectares are used for wood production. La Poderina Winery is owned by Saiagricola SpA, the agricultural investment company of Unipol Insurance Company.

    The organic vineyards reach an average altitude of 350 metres above sea level. Of the almost 24 hectares of vineyards, a good ten hectares are planted with Sangiovese Grosso (Brunello). Almost six hectares belong to the Sant'Antimo D.O.C. zone. While the older vineyard hills of the estate were 3,300 vines per hectare, the newer vineyards were planted with 5,000 plants per hectare. The soils consist about half of clay with some clay deposits and are enriched with organic substances. The vineyards of La Poderina are designed to produce six tons of grapes per hectare. The quantity harvested is thus significantly lower than the eight tonnes permitted by law.

    Lorenzo Landi, also responsible for the top wines of the Fattoria del Cerro, works in the cellar with a mixture of traditional Slovenian oak barrels and new barriques. His wine style allows for the development of plants that are characterised by an energetic fruit, enormous softness and gently extracted tannins. Brunello is produced at the farm in two versions: the regular product is joined by Brunello di Montalcino Poggio Banale, which comes from a single vineyard. In addition to Rosso, Virgùlto Rosso di Toscana I.G.T., Grappa and Moscadello are also produced. (

    "The wines of La Poderina rarely fail and put a smile on my face. They are not the deepest or most complex drops produced in Montalcino. But the wines have a truly exceptional level of balance and harmony. In fact, it takes a great deal of discipline to turn off the glass during a tasting in the face of this wonderful offer."Robert Parker

    Owner: Saiagricola SpA
    Oenologist: Lorenzo Landi
    Vineyard: 16 hectares
    Annual production: 100,000 bottles
    Vineyard: 24 hectares
    Organic cultivation (QCertificazioni)