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    About the winemakers
    Castello di San Sano
    Tuscany | Chianti

    As early as 1773, the writer Giovanni Cosimo Villifranchi, in his studies of viticulture in Tuscany, described the medieval village of San Sano, along with four other villages, as the cradle of the best Chiantis. Castello di Sano is located in the Classico area, as is the main Rocca di Castagnoli plant. The winery, not far from Gaiole, extends over an area of 230 hectares, surrounded by oak and chestnut woods.

    San Sano used to be a much sought-after area between Florence and Siena, and over the centuries it became the scene of many wars. It took some time before castles and fortresses became agricultural enterprises. The tree population was also reduced in order to create tenutas dedicated to viticulture. Today we know that the far-sightedness of the old landowners is always rewarded with excellent results in viticulture.

    The owner of Castello di San Sano is Calogero Cali. The lawyer owns an empire, which includes farms in Tuscany and Sicily. With the breeding of the pig breed Cinta Senese, Cali also ensures the maintenance of another old Tuscan tradition.

    The ideal microclimate produces the best Chianti plants. The grapes produce three wines - a Chianti Classico, a Riserva Guarnellotto and a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. "Borro al Fumo" - is generated.

    The oenologist Daniele Pagni, a graduate of the Technical Institute of Agriculture, uses coarse-pored filters to bring the aromas of the wine as completely as possible into the bottle. Giacomo Fanetti was born near San Sano and has been in the habit of smelling Chianti since he was born. Since the turn of the millennium, the graduate agronomist has organised grape harvesting and logistics at the winery. SUPERIORE.DE

    Owner: Calogero Calí
    Oenologist: Daniele Pagni
    Agronomist: Giacomo Fanetti
    Annual production: 300,000 bottles
    Vineyard: 87 hectares
    Conventional cultivation