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    At SUPERIORE.DE you will not only find a wide range of Italian wine classics, such as Amarone, Barolo, Brunello and Chianti, but also wonderful wines for every occasion and many enjoyable hours — plus a fine selection of fine grappa, olive oils and pasta.

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    About the winemakersPravisTrentino-South Tyrol

    For almost thirty years, the likeable trio Gianni Chist?, Domenico Pedrini and Mario Zambarda have devoted themselves with body and soul to viticulture. SUPERIORE.DE

    "What is the most praiseworthy about Pravis: the correct production of its wines or their simple originality, the unconditional consideration of the vintage without any compulsory measures or the respect for the winemaking tradition in the Valley of Lakes? In this sun-drenched landscape the winegrowers do their work, here the mild Ora del Garda blows, which favours the grape ripening so much in the small patchwork plots. Pravis respects these micro-zones and processes the grapes in several passes to highlight their differences."Gambero Rosso

    Year founded: approx. 1970
    Owners: Gianni Chist?, Domenico Pedrini and Mario Zambarda
    Annual production: 200,000 bottles
    Vineyard: 32 hectares
    Conventional cultivation