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    About the winemakersTorre QuartoPuglia

    The beautiful vineyard of the Cirillo Farrusi family is one of the landmarks of Apulian viticulture. Stefano Cirillo Farrusi modernised the old winery and, with the help of his oenologist Christoforo Pastore, has been bringing excellent wines with a first-class price/performance ratio onto the market again for several years. SUPERIORE.DE

    "Once owned by the Dukes of La Rochefoucauld, this estate has since found its way back into the Apulian wine aristocracy. In the course of a large-scale replanting of the vineyards, one turns away from the yield-intensive Tendone education and towards the Kordon or Guyot system. There is also a series of experiments with barriques and tonneaux in the cellar. Although almost all of the samples submitted were from the problematic 2002 vintage, they proved themselves very well, so that we have been on the right track for several years now." Gambero Rosso

    Year founded: 1418
    Owner: Family Cirillo Farrusi
    Oenologist: Cristoforo Pastore
    Vineyard: 12 hectares
    Organic farming