Freisa Langhe DOC 2018 vivace

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    Freisa Langhe DOC 2018 vivace

    The grapes for this very traditional Piedmont red wine come from selected vineyard sites on the hills of the Langhe region. The special thing about the vinification: a small part of the mash is frozen unfermented. The alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks lasts about two weeks, with very little handling and agitation of the mash. Then, without the addition of sulphurous acid, the young wine is moved to a wooden barrel where the malolactic fermentation takes place. Once this is complete, the previously frozen portion of unfermented must is added and the wine is bottled in this way. A second fermentation now takes place in the bottle, whereby these are placed upright so that the yeast deposit settles on the bottom of the bottle.

    Deep ruby red. Intense aroma with fruity red and black berries and floral notes as well as nuances of asphalt. Powerful on the nose, full-bodied, with prominent tannin and fresh acidity on the palate. Fine perlage and a long, persistent final.

    Please note that this wine should always be stored standing up. Also, care should be taken when opening, as the pressure may vary from bottle to bottle due to the carbonic acid naturally produced in the wine. SUPERIORE.DE

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    Product Details
    • Grape Variety: 100% Freisa
    • Cultivation: conventional
    • Expansion: 2/12 months wooden barrel/bottle fermentation
    • Development: stainless steel tank
    • Filtration: no
    • Alcohol Content: 13,50 % vol
    • Total Extract: 22,15 g/l
    • Total Acidity: 6,15 g/l
    • Sulfite: 88 mg/l
    • ph-Value: 3,56
    • Closure: natural cork
    • Serving Temperature: 10-12 °C
    • Storage Potential: 2024
    • Food Recommendations: sausages, ham, cheese, braised dishes, lamb
    • Allergen Note: contains sulphites
    • Fruity / berry / juicy
    • Tannin-containing and/or acid-stressed
    Fits to:
    • Light Meat
    • Hearty late Afternoon Snack
    • Grilled of any Kind
    • Pizza / Pasta / Casseroles and Co.
    • Risotto
    stored air-conditioned
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