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    About the winemakersDezzaniPiedmont

    Dezzani, founded in 1934, is a dynamic family business in the third generation. The siblings Luigi, Franca and Giovanni follow the philosophy of their father Romolo, who developed the grandfather's winery into a modern winery. Since 1998, Luigi Dezzani, passionate oenologist and youngest president of the Consortium for the Protection of Monferrato and Asti Wines, has been the head of the family. He runs the entire production. Mario Ronco, who also acts as advisor to Cusumano in Sicily, will act as oenological advisor. The winery is located in Cocconato near Asti, on a steep slope with a panoramic view over the hills of Astigiano. Dezzani has over 50 hectares of its own vineyards in the prestigious Piedmontese vineyards. In addition, grapes are bought from neighbouring winegrowers. SUPERIORE.DE

    Year founded: 1934
    Owner: siblings Luigi, Franca and Giovanni Dezzani
    Oenologist: Luigi Dezzani and Mario Ronco
    Vineyard: 50 hectares
    Conventional cultivation