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    About the winemakers
    Terre Cortesi Moncaro
    Terre Cortesi Moncaro

    This winegrowers' cooperative could be described as a "Grande Bellezza" to describe: Behind the name Terre Cortesi Moncaro lies a union of the Montecarotto, Conero and Aquaviva Picena cooperatives, which are based in the Marche region and focus on high quality wine. More than 600 winegrowers with a vineyard area of more than 1,600 hectares are members of the gigantic alliance based in the tiny municipality of Montecarotto, located between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines. The vineyards and wineries are located in three of the best areas in the Marche: Castelli di Jesi, Conero and Piceno. The cooperative's soft, fruity and finesse-rich wines meet an international taste. Although available on the market at low prices, Moncaro's finest wines do not have to hide behind the region's finest products.

    The Cantina di Montecarotto alone comprises around 800 hectares of vineyards, of which 450 hectares are dedicated to the production of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico. The vines grow in very good locations, sometimes even in the best ones. Since 1980, the parcels have been systematically converted to organic farming. The winegrowers are technically and scientifically accompanied by managers and receive support throughout the year in the cultivation of their grapes. Projects carried out by Moncaro in cooperation with some universities have led to the selection of local yeasts and the identification and replanting of clones of former Verdicchio vines growing in this area.

    Terre Cortesi Moncaro has contributed significantly to the rebirth of Verdicchio as a first class white wine. The reason lies not only in the modern cellar technology, but also in the openness and joy of experimentation of the oenologists and in a cosmopolitan management. Giuliano D'Ignazi can rely on a young and dynamic team in the cellar. In his work, the oenologist also benefits from the valuable advice of the highly respected winemaker Riccardo Cotarella. Consumers can trace the origin of the grapes back to the vineyard via a so-called batch designation on the bottle; every step - from vineyard to production to bottling - is documented. Another special feature: A complete new plant was built especially for the production of organic wines.

    The wines of the Terre Cortesi Moncaro cooperative have once again received a boost in quality since the inauguration of a new ageing cellar in Montecarotto in 2006 and the opening of the La Casetta wine cellar a year later, specially equipped for wine tasting. SUPERIORE.DE

    "The strength of the Moncaro Cooperative is demonstrated by the fact that it has an unparalleled selection of grapes at its disposal and that, thanks to a modern style, it is able to produce a series of well-characterised labels: extremely fruity aromas, sophisticated structures that are by no means rugged, a certain pleasant harmony that makes the most successful wines pure drinking pleasure."Gambero Rosso


    • Year of foundation: 1964
    • Owner: Soc. Coop. Agricola Terre Cortesi Moncaro
    • Oenologists: Giuliano D'Ignazi and Riccardo Cotarella (consulting)
    • Annual production: approx. 7,500,000 bottles
    • Vineyard: approx. 1,618 hectares
    • Conventional, near-natural and organic cultivation (partly certified)