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    About the winemakersFaustiMarche

    Contrada Castelletta or Fausti is a promising winery in the Marches. Since 1997 Christina Fausti, with the collaboration of the agronomist Domenico D'Angelo and the oenologist Alberto Antonini, has been producing excellent wines that have set standards since their first edition. SUPERIORE.DE

    "The two great passions of Domenico D'Angelo are the Syrah and the Montepulciano. Once this vine theorist starts talking about their potential and their symbiotic abilities, every listener feels as if he had drunk too much of it. No wonder, then, that Domenico, who had long been an expert in wine, when he and his partner Christina Fausti set up a winery, planted his favourite varieties on the spot, which immediately felt at home in the hills of Fermo. At present it has eight carefully cultivated hectares, in which even a few rows of Sangiovese can be found."Gambero Rosso

    Year of foundation: 1997
    Owner: Christina Fausti
    Oenologist: Alberto Antonini
    Annual production: 65,000 bottles
    Vineyard: 11 hectares of
    certified organic land