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    About the winemakersCa' di FraraLombardy
    Ca' di Frara

    In the wine scene of Oltrepò, the most important subzone of Lombardy, he is a very respected personality. For many years Luca Bellani has made a particularly strict selection in the vineyard and sometimes decides for vinification methods that deviate from the usual winemaking practice. The co-owner of the Ca winery, located in the Casa Ferrari district of the municipality of Mornico Losana, at the end of a valley.' di Frara took over the company at a young age from his father Tullio. Today he is supported in his work by his brother Matteo and his very dynamic mother Daniela. A milestone in the development of the winery a few years ago was the start of a large-scale project for a sparkling wine based on the high-quality method of classical bottle fermentation. The dedication and courage of the Bellani family has paid off: with the pure Pinot Nero "Oltre il Classico" the overall quality of the product range has improved further.

    Luca has drawn up a clearly defined task list, which ranges from new plantings to meticulous observation of vineyards and clones to a thorough study of the wines in the barrel. Its aim is to refine the biological power of the plants with more finesse and elegance and to bring out the potential of the terroir even more clearly. The long project "svolta green" was set in motion in order to embed the principle of sustainability in all areas of the Lombard winegrowing operation. As a first step the Nomacorc Select Bio will be introduced. The 100% recyclable bottle stopper, which consists exclusively of sugar cane, is the world's first wine stopper without a CO2 footprint, according to Guts data.

    The hilly landscape of Oltrepò Pavese is characterised by chalky sandy soils. The finely structured, mineral and above-average fleshy white and red plants that thrive on them are among the most lively and dense in the region and offer wine lovers a high degree of drinking pleasure. The main raw material is the Pinot Nero grape variety, but Croatina and Barbera as well as the international varieties Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are also cultivated.

    At the latest since 1997, when the winery won the award for the best wine at a tasting at the ProWein trade fair in Düsseldorf. "Best Pinot Noir in the world" the precious drops of Ca' di Frara has also attracted a lot of international attention. SUPERIORE.DE

    "Oenologist Luca Bellani is one of Italy's most talented young winemakers." Luca Maroni

    "A number of wines, both white and red, remain indelibly remembered as some of the best products in the area."Gambero Rosso


    • Year of foundation: 1905
    • Owner: Luca Bellani
    • Oenologist: Luca Bellani
    • Annual production: approx. 400,000 bottles
    • Vineyard: approx. 46 hectares
    • Conventional cultivation