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    The attraction of tradition

    Tradition, it is said, is not the worship of ashes, but the passing on of fire. It does not blindly repeat what has always been, but knows how to recognise the signs of the times and interpret them correctly with the power of centuries of knowledge.

    This is another reason why tradition is an important pillar of the South Tyrolean wine industry. It is based on 5,000 winegrowing families whose mostly small farms have been passed down from parents to children for generations. It is based on cooperative wineries, to which more than 3,000 of these farms belong today, the first of which was founded in 1893. And it is based on private wineries whose roots can often be traced back to the Middle Ages.

    The tradition can also be experienced in the work in the vineyard. Much of the work is still done by hand, similar to what the ancestors of today's winegrowers did. This is not a clinging to outdated methods. On the contrary, manual work has proven to be efficient and ideal for the quality of the grapes on the one hand, and on the other hand, machines are simply hardly usable in the often steep slopes.

    Centuries of knowledge and experience form a solid foundation, fuelling new thinking and new ideas. Thus, the many pioneers in Alto Adige's wine landscape are constantly breaking new ground and together the wine industry has developed the "Alto Adige Wine Agenda 2030". As a strategy of true sustainability, it is based on the realisation that quality does not only include the product, but also the production process. Therefore, the agenda sets clear guidelines in terms of sustainability for all areas: from cultivation to storage and logistics to landscape protection and a functioning circular economy.

    The effort to create an agenda of sustainability shows how tradition is understood in South Tyrolean viticulture. From centuries-old knowledge of natural interrelationships and the delicate balances in vineyards and cellars, a strategy for the future is being developed. One that is not about worshipping the ashes, but about passing on the fire. SUPERIORE.DE



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