Excellent! | Decanter World Wine Awards 2021

    For the 18th time, wines from all over the world were judged by the leading wine experts at the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA). The number of wines examined this year is once again impressive, a total of 18,094 drops were tasted, of which over 3,300 wines from Italy alone.

    The Decanter was founded in London in 1975. The best-known authors, some of them Masters of Wine, write for the opinion-forming medium, including Jancis Robinson, Peter Mc Combie or Michael Broadbent. Italy is covered by several authors, recently led by Ian D'Agata and Chris Mercer, as well as some wine journalists based in Italy. In addition to various regional rankings and the election of the Top 50 Wine-People, the annual Decanter World Wine Award is one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the world.

    Numerous tasters from all over the world, including many Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers and often the leading experts in their field in their country, blind taste more than 18,000 wines each year in this high-profile competition. Judging is divided into categories, initially based on region – for example, Champagne is judged by a panel of Champagne experts.

    The tasters know the region, the style and the price range, but they do not know the winemaker. They then compare notes on the wine and come to a consensus with their colleagues on the points and medals for each wine. The medal categories correspond to the 100-point rating system used by Decanter and many of the world's top wine critics.

    The Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) are undisputedly among the most influential wine competitions in the world and the tasting notes are considered must-reads, not only among enthusiasts. In this section you will find a selection of the best wines from this year's competition, which not only caught the eye of the jury. SUPERIORE.DE

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    Top rated | Brunello 2016 & Riserva 2015

    This is what we call a hat trick: After we were able to enjoy the very well-balanced, fruit-driven and almost perfect 2015 vintage last year, the appellation is now doing it again. In terms of elegance, complexity and finesse, the 2016 vintage brings wines to the market that are more comparable to the great 2010 vintage. Compared to the fruity, warm and very harmonious style of the rightly...

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    ROBERT PARKER'S WINE ADVOCATE | South Tyrol's New Releases

    Monica Larner from Robert Parker’s “The Wine Advocate” published her current tasting notes of the South Tyrolean vintages 2017-2020 these days. It shows that the whites and reds are getting better (fresher and more complex) from year to year and that the South Tyrolean winemakers know how to deal with the effects of climate change very well. But read for yourself: “This is my annual report...

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    High Ratings | Falstaff — Tuscany's West Coast

    The Tuscan coast is more synonymous than an official wine region. The Tyrrhenian coast of Tuscany is home to dozens of different wine appellations, from Terre di Pisa in the north to Costa Toscana down to Maremma Toscana, Morellino di Scansano, the island of Giglio and some of the interesting IGT wines from Capalbio on Tuscany’s southern border with Lazio. “Today, the region is considered a...

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    VINOUS.COM | Brunello 2015 – Vintage from God?

    “It is a vintage full of strength and purity, the result of a long growing season without extreme events. One that was warmer than 2014 and with much less rain, yet the water reserves were high due to the rainfall during the winter months. These reserves helped the vines through the dry, warm and sunny summer months, supplemented by cool night temperatures and just the right amount of rainfall...

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    WEINWISSER | Brunello 2016 and 2015 — the great vintage duo

    “2016 is also a big year in Montalcino and offers a brilliant, perhaps even historic duo with 2015. Rarely before have I tasted so many excellent Brunello wines. And yet, here too, the two top vintages are quite different. So just twins in quality. 2016 shows itself with more freshness, compactness and with classic finesse and less overload. A tendency that has become apparent in this...

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    GAMBERO ROSSO 2022 – Tre Bicchieri

    Since 1988, the most important Italian wine guide has provided an irreplaceable and annually updated reference work for all those who enjoy and intensively deal with the complex world of Italian wine. The imposing book with its many pages is the result of the excellent work of a team of over sixty tasters. These experts select the top wines of the Italian wine industry in countless blind...

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    High Ratings | THE WINES OF FRIULI – Fine White Wines

    Friuli lies in the far north-east of Italy, bordering South Tyrol and Austria to the north, Slovenia to the east, Venice to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Many small family wineries still cultivate ancient, little-known grape varieties and, of course, international varieties from Chardonnay and Sauvignon to Cabernet and Merlot have long been completely normal in the larger...

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    VINUM – The best wines from Tuscany

    The images that come to everyone’s mind when speaking of Tuscany are actually always those from the heart of Tuscany, the Chianti region. Everyone thinks of the wonderful hilly landscape between Florence and Siena. But Tuscany is much more. Much bigger. And more diverse. The five most important sub-regions of Tuscany are Bolgheri, Chianti/Chianti Classico, Maremma, Montalcino and...

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    Sales Start Brunello | 2017 Annata & 2016 Riserva

    At the end of February, Monica Larner published for Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate her first ratings of the Brunello di Montalcino 2017 and Riserva 2016 that came on the market this year. She rightly asks in her article and also immediately gives the answer: “And what is the soul of Brunello? The ideal is elegance. Few wine regions in the world have the potential to produce wines with such...

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    VINOUS.COM — Valpolicella & Amarone: On the move

    As Eric Guido from Vinous.com very aptly points out, Veneto’s paradigm wine Amarone is still too rarely drunk with food. This may be due to the traditional prejudice that, because of its density and often high alcohol and sugar content, this wine is more likely to be accompanied by an aged cheese or a good cigar. Valpolicella (and the Superiore from the core zone) is also generally not...

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    WEINWISSER | Bolgheri 2019 — the boom continues

    In autumn 2021, as part of the new “Bolgheri DiVino” format, an Anteprima was held for the first time in the history of this region, which has been sheerly booming for a good decade now. The presentation was crowned with the fabulous and spectacular dinner on the famous Viale dei Cipressi." This was reported in detail by the editor-in-chief of WEINWISSER Giuseppe Lauria in a wonderfully...

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    FALSTAFF | Prosecco Trophy 2022

    Today we are not talking about banal sparkling wine, which – if it does come from northern Italy – is commonly known as “Prosecco” and is even available in cans, but we are talking about the core zone of a highly individual and very authentic Spumante, whose region has rightly been elevated to the status of one of the world’s rare cultural assets worthy of protection, not only because of...

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    DECANTER WORLD WINE AWARDS 2022 | Italy's Top Scorers

    Every year, the results of the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) are eagerly awaited. For the 19th time, wines from all over the world were judged by the leading wine experts. The number of wines tested this year is once again impressive, a total of 18,244 drops were tasted, of which over 3,100 wines from Italy alone. A total of 250 tasters from all over the world, including several Masters...

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    VINOUS.COM – Sicily in Change

    “Welcome to the Revolution” is the title of Eric Guido’s (vinous.com) latest Sicily report, and we are pleased to present excerpts from it. As always, you can find the new vintages, some of which are highly rated, in the related section. “Sicily has suffered much throughout history as producers have had to fight tooth and nail to overcome the global stereotypes of a region of huge...

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