ÙE Cru Monovitigno Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso “27 anni” Gran Riserva

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    ÙE Cru Monovitigno Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso "27 anni" Gran Riserva

    Unique in terms of innovation and research. Contrary to the literature, which suggests that neutral distillates should be aged in barriques, the elegant fruity and floral characteristics of Refosco grapes are maintained. This unique Monovitigno Riserva matured 27 years in barrique no. 410 from Nevers oak. Intense amber colour and velvety. In the bouquet sensual and long lasting with notes of raspberry, red fruits, jam, grape and plum, candied fruit, in addition some vanilla, spices and bitter chocolate. On the palate it explodes with its fullness and spiciness, the aromatic scents of the grape variety are interpreted in the most perfect way.

    The Refosco grapes from the Collio Friulano were harvested in 1988. After discontinuous distillation, the cru matured in the cellars of the noninos under customs seal. The filling was carried out manually in mouth-blown spherical bottles. The clasp is refined with 24k gold and the product comes with an additional polished glass clasp refined with 24k gold. The filling level can vary, since each bottle is unique. Without the addition of dyes. SUPERIORE.DE

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    Product Details
    • Grape Variety: 100% Refosco
    • Cultivation: conventional
    • Expansion: 27 years barrique
    • Development: barrique
    • Filtration: yes
    • Alcohol Content: 45,00 % vol
    • Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C
    • Delivery only possible to DE, CH, LI and UK
    • Wine for Meditation
    • Wine for Fireplace/Tobacco Lovers
    stored air-conditioned
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