Grappa “UvaViva Italiana“

    Jacopo Poli | Veneto
    Poli Distillerie s.r.l. | Via Marconi 46 | IT 36060 Schiavon

    Grappa "UvaViva Italiana"

    Very beautiful, clearly structured grappa with vinous fruit aromas, surprisingly powerful taste and an explosive development of orange and chocolate aromas in the long finish. SUPERIORE.DE

    "A great brandy of fresh moscato and malvasia grapes (no pomace!). Refreshing nose with intense citrus and nutmeg notes. Clear fruity expression on the palate, slightly ethereal and finely spicy." Falstaff

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    Product Details
    • Grape Varieties: 60% Malvasia, 40% Moscato
    • Cultivation: conventional
    • Expansion: 6-12 months Stainless steel
    • Development: stainless steel tank
    • Filtration: yes
    • Alcohol Content: 40,00 % vol
    • Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C
    • Delivery only possible to DE, CH, LI, UK and IS
    stored air-conditioned

    Reviews for Grappa “UvaViva Italiana“



    leichter Grappa


    Ausgezeichnet !


    dieser Grappa entsprach meinem Geschmack. Ich hatte diesen vor kurzem erst in Italien getrunken.


    Ich habe das Produkt gekauft, da es mir bekannt ist. Ein feiner weicher Grappa, sehr beliebt bei Damen.

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