Grappa Po' di Poli Pinot (elegante)

    Jacopo Poli | Veneto
    Poli Distillerie s.r.l. | Via Marconi 46 | IT 36060 Schiavon

    Grappa Po' di Poli Pinot (elegante)

    This grappa acquires its unmistakable character through a harmonious blend of grape varieties belonging to the same family, but which differ in their origin, the time of harvesting and the pressing process. Elegant grappa with a fresh bouquet of walnuts, dates, figs and mushrooms. On the palate it becomes clearly warmer, with spice tones like sandalwood and nutmeg and with an interesting fruity note. Powerful body and soft finish. SUPERIORE.DE

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    Product Details
    • Grape Variety: 100% Pinot Nero
    • Cultivation: conventional
    • Expansion: 6-12 months Stainless steel
    • Development: stainless steel tank
    • Filtration: yes
    • Alcohol Content: 40,00 % vol
    • Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C
    • Delivery only possible to DE, CH, LI and UK
    stored air-conditioned

    Reviews for Grappa Po' di Poli Pinot (elegante)



    Als Grappa-Liebhaber gebe ich dem Poli-Produkt den Vorzug


    Sehr guter Geschmack

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