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    About the producersCarlo BocchinoGrappa
    Carlo Bocchino

    For grappa in Piedmont, a new era began in 1898, when the emigrant Carlo Bocchino from Argentina returned to his Italian homeland and decided to open a distillery. This was a courageous step, because at that time the grape marc spirit still had the reputation of being merely a cheap schnapps served in simple taverns because of indiscriminate mixtures. However, since the founder of the Bocchino distillery produced the pomace fresh and only from the high-quality aromatic Moscato grape using the original method (still used today), he was able to quickly convince skeptics of the high quality of his products. Since 1996, Carlo Micca Bocchino and his daughters Miranda and Marta have managed the Calamandrana family distillery, which has been located near the municipality of Canelli in the province of Asti since 1970.

    The secret of the precious pomace, produced by Cantina Privata in respect of the tradition, lies in the soil planted with vines by Langhe and Monferrato winegrowers. In order to obtain pure grappa, in the cellars dug in tufa, the pomace of a single variety is placed in special steel tanks for fermentation. The course and speed are controlled in order to ensure an optimal course of the microbiological processes. The fermentation process is followed by distillation in so-called discontinuous steam processes in particularly suitable copper boilers. The steam penetrates the pomace and is enriched with precious substances.

    The following aging in oak barrels and – Following the example of the most famous eaux-de-vie, in barriques it is responsible for the fact that the Bocchino grappa obtains its characteristic amber colour and the characteristics that make it so special. The distillates each offer a wide range of aromas that fascinate the senses and give the individual products a strong personality. Only the most mature grappas can be counted among the Riserve of Bocchino.

    Both the recipe and many unique innovations were passed down from generation to generation at the Bocchino distillery, first to Carlo's son Lazarito and then to his son-in-law Giorgio Micca. It was also Giorgio who created the famous brand 'Sigillo Nero' in the seventies and who cooperated with the television presenter Mike Bongiorno, who is well known for his quiz shows. In just a few years, he succeeded in taking the company far to the top. SUPERIORE.DE

    Year founded: 1898
    Owner: Carlo Micca Bocchino