Grappa di Amarone Riserva

    Venegazzù / Antica Distilleria Negroni | Veneto
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    Grappa di Amarone Riserva

    This Veronese speciality made from the marc of selected Amarone wines is distilled in small copper bubbles and then aged for 24 months in used barrique barrels. Amber in colour, candied fruit and chocolate on the nose, plus some vanilla and dark tones. A soft, dry and characterful brandy with a lot of character and personality. SUPERIORE.DE

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    30000270 · 0,7 l · 57,00 €/l · Price (DE) incl. VAT, excl. Shipping10 units available

    Product Details
    • Grape Variety: Corvina, Rondinella
    • Development: barrique
    • Alcohol Content: 40,00 % vol
    • Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C
    • Delivery only possible to DE, CH, LI, UK and IS
    stored air-conditioned
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    Venegazzù / Antica Distilleria Negroni


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