Amaro al Radicchio Rosso

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    Amaro al Radicchio Rosso

    Classic and traditional Amaro al Radicchio Rosso from Veneto. Radicchio Rosso is a variety ripening in winter with protected designation of origin. After crushing, the leaves are soaked in up to 60% alcohol for about 3 months. After pressing and filtering, alcohol and - as usual with half bittern - some sugar are added, as well as some herbs, the mixture of which the distillery keeps strictly secret. Negronis Amaro has a fine herbal aroma with hints of orange zest after a few weeks of ripening.

    Amaro is usually served as a digestive. Enjoy this fine Italian bitter herb pure, on ice or as a long drink for example with blood orange juice. SUPERIORE.DE

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    Product Details
    • Alcohol Content: 27,00 % vol
    • Serving Temperature: 14-16 °C
    • Delivery only possible to DE, CH, LI, UK and IS
    • Allergen Note: contains sulphites
    stored air-conditioned

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