Miele dei Colli Senesi (BIO)

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    Miele dei Colli Senesi (BIO)

    Golden yellow honey with a fine floral scent. Its creamy consistency makes it the ideal bread spread, which is also suitable for sweetening pastries and drinks. Eight colonies of the gold bee (Mellifera Ligustica) perform their useful service around the vineyards of Salcheto, Poggio Piglia and La Bandita and provide us with this delicious delicacy in the finest organic quality. SUPERIORE.DE

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    40401023 · 400 g · 3,41 €/100 g · Price (DE) incl. VAT, excl. Shipping8 units available

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    • Eco-Control-No.: IT-BIO-006
    • Best Before: 12/2021
    stored air-conditioned

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    Könnte cremiger sein

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